Obama Administration Selling Out to Russia Again?

People who wonder about whose side President Obama is on can quit wondering. He is clearly not on America’s side. He has been up front about his dislike of America. That is why he wants to fundamentally transform it. Transform into what is the unanswered question.  He doesn’t believe America is an exceptional country and he doesn’t think it should be the leader of the free world or the not so free world, for that matter. One might ask: did he learn nothing from his failed “Russian Reset” policy? But then, he likely doesn’t see it as a failure. According to this Fox News story, which hasn’t received much attention, President Obama has another plan to help Russia move toward a more equal footing with the United States on the world stage. This time the Obama administration’s State Department wants to help the Russians to develop their equivalent America’s Global Positioning System (GPS). The CIA is less than happy about this development.

The Central Intelligence Agency fears Russia’s space agency is using half a dozen monitor stations on U.S. soil to spy and to help improve the accuracy of their weapons, several American officials told The New York Times.

The monitor stations are being used to improve Moscow’s version of the Global Positioning System (GPS), the American satellite network used both to help citizens find the nearest coffee shop and steer guided missiles to their targets. But concerned about Russia’s other uses for the system, the CIA is campaigning to stop the State Department from allowing Roscosmos to build the stations.

What does the State Department have to say about the CIA’s concerns?

The State Department does not think the CIA is correct in its assessment, and an administration official told The Times “it doesn’t see them as a threat.”

Yes, and rainbow-colored unicorns are lovely, aren’t they?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Obama Administration Selling Out to Russia Again?

  1. Part of Nixon’s Russian Wheat Deal was that in 40 years we would allow them to guide missiles at us from Amerikan soil. Kissinger could teach Kerry and Hillary a few things.

  2. For the Sovietologist and conservative, this is a rich moment. Russia didn’t have to fire a shot. Our president is busy stabbing the knife in our backs over and over. Not that I’m worried about Russia. They haven’t survived all the horrors they have survived by believing, like the US does today, that they have to own the world body and soul even if we have to start a war in every country around the globe. They are happy to spend their money on all the things Russians never got under the communists while the communists in the USA take us apart brick by brick.

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