GOP: Defending Main Street or Selling It Out?

In February of this year, Michelle Malkin wrote: “This is war.” She was referring to Karl Rove’s plan to use his Super PAC, American Crossroads, to put an end to the Tea Party movement. Rove and his big money backers want to make sure that statist GOP incumbents do not lose in the primaries to Tea Party backed conservative candidates. Ms. Malkin is right. It is war! And, now we learn that another regiment has joined in the battle to destroy the Tea Party conservatives.

Maggie’s Notebook has what I consider a “must read” post for any conservative who wants to know what they are up against from the party, GOP, they are trying to reform. Maggie links an article at National Journal by Beth Reinhard. Ms. Reinhard begins her leftist screed with these words:

It took a tea-party insurrection that disabled the federal government and wrecked the Republican brand, but after months of handwringing, establishment Republicans are preparing to attack ultraconservative ideologues across red America.

So, we conservatives have disabled the federal government and  wrecked the Republican brand. If that were true, we conservative bloggers would have nothing to write about, would we?

And, how are the establishment Republicans planning to attack us ultraconservative ideologues? Maggie fills us in:

Former Ohio Republican Congressman Steve LaTourette’s “Defending Main Street” Super PAC has been endowed with a reported $400,000.00 from labor unions to stop Tea-Party-minded politics. Defending Main Street was formed to stop the TEA Party, a clear irritant to Speaker John Boehner, with whom LaTourette was, still is, joined at the hip.

So, this so-called “Republican”, LaTourette, wants to “defend” Main Street from the Tea Parties with $400,000 of seed money from unions. Maggie has a lot of information on Steve LaTourette, which I hope you will read. The Nation Journal article, however, tells us that LaTourette has big plans:

“Hopefully we’ll go into eight to 10 races and beat the snot out of them,” said former Rep. Steve LaTourette of Ohio, whose new political group, Defending Main Street, aims to raise $8 million to fend off tea-party challenges against more mainstream Republican incumbents. “We’re going to be very aggressive and we’re going to get in their faces.”

There you have it, my friends. The battle line for America has been drawn. On one side you have the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee, the respective PACs of both parties, the unions, the radical environmental groups, Obama’s Organization for America, countless community organizing groups, feminist groups, gay pride groups, 90% of all Black Americans, 70% of al Hispanic Americans, 100% of illegal immigrants, and the Main Stream Media: while on the other side you have a bunch of small Tea Party groups in each state and the partial support of Fox News.

Okay, so the odds aren’t great. But, we have “right” on our side. Maybe the biggest problem we face in this war against overwhelming odds is the fractured nature of the Tea Party movement. What was once considered a plus because the enemy could put a face on the Tea Party movement may now be a minus. I wondering if it isn’t time for the Tea Parties to become a national political party; the Tea Party. In the opinion of this humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in, we conservatives need a national organization that supports our principles, that can raise the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to fight against these overwhelming odds, and to support our candidates in whichever of the fifty states. It is going to take a lot of organization, a lot of money, and a lot of boots on the ground to compete with those aligned against us and to get our candidates elected.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

16 thoughts on “GOP: Defending Main Street or Selling It Out?

  1. The elites try to protect their power. And they use the Dem trick of naming their organization (or bill, or whatever their Orwellian scheme is) the exact opposite of what it actually does. How does big government “protect” main street? If, by “protect” you mean “control”, then, maybe… But if protecting main street means giving people back the freedom to advance themselves, to pursue their own dreams unfettered by government control, then the only people protecting main street are the Tea Parties. We believe in people, they believe in government. That’s the bottom line (“they” are not just Democrats, but also the Republican elites who are making their fortunes from government power and cronyism).

    The Tea Party set itself up for this, in a way, by backing candidates that were not ready for prime time. Hopefully, the Tea Party has learned that we need to back people who have the right values, but also have a possibility of winning, who are seasoned and eloquent. With the right candidates it won’t matter what Rove and his buddies try to do. The message will get out there and people will be able to understand who is really protecting main street.

    1. “With the right candidates it won’t matter what Rove and his buddies try to do.”

      I’m not sure that’s true, Pat. These morons are capable of financially supporting an alternative conservative to split the conservative vote so that their “moderate” wins the primary.

      1. You could be right. I’m not sure dollars mean as much as they used to, given alternative media. Also, it is looking like the famed “independents” are pretty fed up with Washington and liberals. In the latest polling, Independents disapprove of Obama 30 – 62 (62% disapprove) and they go Republican in a generic ballot 41-28%. I’m hoping that what we are seeing is disapproval of big government, and that people are as turned off by big government Republicans as they are of big government Democrats. Perhaps we’re hearing echoes of Reagan: “Government is not the solution, government is the problem.”

        Here’s an idea… We need to get Bill Whittle to do seminars for wanna-be candidates. We can’t get 100 Bill Whittles, but maybe we can get 100 people TAUGHT to communicate by Bill Whittle.

      2. “Perhaps we’re hearing echoes of Reagan: “Government is not the solution, government is the problem.”

        You are on the front lines, Pat, while I’m a thousand miles away. I sure do hope you are right.

  2. it’s very simple; either they back off or the Dems win the whole shebang. I won’t fight on behalf of a party that has labeled me stupid or an enemy. They need to get real.

  3. When you know that you are right you have a duty and an obligation to fight no matter how long the odds are and that is what we are going to do. The Republicans used the Tea Party when they thought it was to their benefit, but now they see the Tea Party as a threat to their power and they would rather see a Democrat win than a Tea Party Republican. The only thing the establishment cares about is holding on to power, they do not care about the American people.

    1. “The only thing the establishment cares about is holding on to power,…”

      And, the idiots haven’t figured out that they can not hold on to power without our support. Or, is it we who haven’t figured out that they can’t hold power without our support?

  4. I know here in TN, they split the conservative vote in half and the bankster Establishment guy always gets in. I really wonder at the integrity of our voting machines – there is not way to audit the vote, but to take the government’s word. Check out the documentary “Hacking Democracy” for an expose of how these machines can rig elections without the election staff at the local or maybe even state level knowing about it.

    I think the Tea Party types don’t realize the true nature of their enemy, causing them to make miscalculations. If they rightly understood that the big money has a multi-generational plan to take out America and free societies (Confessions of a Monopolist, 1906;Tragedy and Hope, 1965?), they would be better able to plan effectively. Any large organization that these people cannot control, they will seek to destroy. They will do so by infiltrating and then ruining everything. They can do this because the Tea Party folks are so unassuming.

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