“The Single, Greatest Mystery of the Obama Presidency” an essay by Brian

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from Brian at the Frankenstein Government blog. He originally published this essay on November 15, 2013.


The Single, Greatest Mystery of the Obama Presidency


Forget the birth certificate, his 17 year old mother (at the time of conception) or who exactly the father of Barack Obama was.

Forget the name Barry Soetoro, forget his missing passport, and forget where he got the money to go to Columbia and Harvard. All of these mysteries are interesting but not particularly useful to the 300 million of us who currently inhabit the United States.

The single greatest mystery of Barack Obama is this. How could a newly anointed President completely ignore the greatest economic collapse of the last 80 years, and rather than prosecute bankers and restore confidence- he sets about the business of implementing government run healthcare with a bill that nobody read?


It is a mystery for the ages. I have mulled it over extensively. Either Obama was a complete idiot or he was bought and paid for by the nation’s banking interests. In a malicious sense, perhaps he was even trying to bring about the complete and utter collapse of the United States in a Cloward- Piven sort of way. If that is true- then he is a most sinister man.

In 2008, this country was in complete collapse. Our people were completely in debt up to their eyeballs. The bankers had completely corrupted the banking system and the entire mess was on the verge of imploding, the stock market (DJIA) was at 6300.

Is that the time to bring about some sort of nationalized health care system that will cause an already heavily indebted people to go into debt even further? Does that make any sense to anyone?

Of course not.

I have absolutely no sympathy nor compassion for Obama and his army of largesse seeking sycophants. This is exactly what happens when you ignore a huge problem and create a new problem instead. Obama is getting exactly what he deserves.

Eventually, the ACA will be completely abandoned. That may occur about the time Obama leaves office and yields to history. I don’t think history will be very kind to Barack Obama and I am encouraged that we only have 3 years left on this rudderless, leaderless administration.

And I thought George Bush Jr. was bad. It’s like a 16 year nightmare.


4 thoughts on ““The Single, Greatest Mystery of the Obama Presidency” an essay by Brian

  1. I guess we’re all shaking our heads in wonder. It’s moving fast now, you can almost feel public discontent reaching critical mass. We cannot screw up the 2014 elections. We have to take the Senate and keep the House with bigger margins. I’m ready to run hard at the primary level but I’ll back the winner, period. No time to mess around with grudges. I can’t stand Boehner and company, but country first. Then I’ll go after Boehner.

  2. I am not as hopeful withers ACA. Mega health systems are happening now. The reimbursements or lack there of are forcing bankruptcies. Doctors cannot have private practices because of all the requirements and are becoming employees of the mega systems. Insurance companies and hospitals will be forced into bankruptcies. Medicare cuts start next month. Some procedures are only being reimbursed by half as much. One year we will recognize nothing.

  3. A failed government mandated health care system has as much chance of abandonment as does an Obama impeachment trial have of ever happening. The communists, now calling themselves progressives, spent 100 years to get their health plan through and they will not allow this to slip through their fingers. The republican led opposition is strictly amateur hour and no match for the left’s focused attack on Amerika. We are toast.

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