President Obama, the Liar-In-Chief, Out Does Himself

That Barack Obama is a consummate liar is not news. The majority of Americans are finally picking up on that in spite of the Main Stream Media’s best efforts to cover-up his endless stream of lies. But, when a President of these United States boldly takes credit for something he did everything in his power to stop, that shows that he has no shame, no conscience and that makes him a sociopathic liar, at a minimum.  A.Z. Leader at Inform the Pundits sets the record straight on the President taking credit for the nation’s great leap forward in oil and gas production. The following is a reblog of his post from yesterday. Please look carefully at the graphics AZ provides and be prepared to set your “progressive” friends straight when they repeat the lie.

Obama Boosts Oil Production???

When it comes to energy, this year is going to be the first year in a very long time where we’re producing more oil and natural gas here in this country than we’re importing.  That’s a big deal.
– President Obama, Presidential Press Conference, 12/20/2013

Yesterday, President Obama identified oil production as a positive 2013 accomplishment when asked “Has this been the worst year of your presidency?” by Associated Press chief White House correspondent, Julia Pace.

Indeed, it would be a great accomplishment if only Obama’s energy policy had something to do with it. It hasn’t. Quite the opposite is true.

The Obama Administration has fought fossil fuel production and drilling at every turn.

The only place the Executive Branch has direct control over oil and natural gas production is on Federal and Indian lands. There the President controls both production and leasing.

Since 2008, the Administration has cut fossil fuel production on federally managed lands. That is in stark contrast to production on private and state lands that have skyrocketed.

The average number of drilling permits issued on federally managed lands are down under Obama.

Then, when one is requested, it takes twice as long to get approval as it did in 2005.

The federal government takes 10 months to approve a permit compared to 10 days for North Dakota. Even environmentally conscious Colorado approves permits 10 times faster than the federal government.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Obama’s permit levels are down as a continuation of a general trend. It isn’t. By the end of Bush 43′s term two new technologies – fracking and horizontal drilling – had totally transformed the oil and gas industry. They open access to vast shale deposits. Federal permitting should be increasing, but isn’t.

Permitting and drilling went way up everywhere except on federal lands.


Just since 2010, natural gas production in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Formation alone increased from 2 million cubic feet per day to 13 million… all on private and state lands.

The private-sector made the U.S. a net energy exporter. All growth in oil and natural gas production since Obama took office has been entirely driven by states and the private-sector.

Growth comes despite Administration roadblocks. Obama energy policy is 100% focused on green energy development and global warming politics.
(Read Obama’s “Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future” and “Executive Order 13653—Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change”)

President Obama has a nasty habit of taking credit for things he had nothing to do with.

In this case, under critical questioning at a news conference, the President is claiming an accomplishment for 2013 that he has actively opposed in both policy and action his entire presidency.

An Administration must be in trouble when the President resorts to that.

8 thoughts on “President Obama, the Liar-In-Chief, Out Does Himself

    1. After closely following Obama’s word and deed since the 2008 campaign I’ve often wondered about that question myself.

      I don’t give the President the benefit of the doubt as much as I used to.

  1. The majority of Americans are finally picking up on that in spite of the Main Stream Media’s best efforts to cover-up his endless stream of lies.

    It is a travesty that Americans didn’t recognize what he is before the 2012 National Election!

  2. Great post and good comments…sad, though, isn’t it? Such a LIAR. And, as patriotic Americans, I hope it’s difficult for any of us to call a president a liar. It took me until about four months ago at GeeeeZ to do that…and, believe me, I’d thought about it for a LONG time before that (starting with “i don’t know Bill Ayers”!)
    Re Oil, I just heard that the S Sudan leader, who we sent TONS of money to in order to start this small country two years ago, has taken something like SIX BILLION in oil money into his PERSONAL account…so we have set up another greedy dictator. Of course, the mainstream media’s barely MENTIONED this Obama fiasco.
    Merry Christmas, Jim and all your readers. Z

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