Back, but not yet back in the saddle.

A two-week trip turned into to three weeks with some extra side trips. We arrived home a about ten o’clock last night after 17 hours on the road. These old bones aren’t as forgiving as they once were and I feel like I was in a train wreck. We had some great and memorable times sandwiched between a bout of sciatica, four days of diarrhea, and then, before we left, both my wife and I received a parting gift  from one of her sisters, with whom we were staying: a severe case of bronchial infection. This bronchial cough is worse when I lay down; so, I didn’t get much sleep last night. But, I am so glad to be home again!

I have a lot of catching-up to do. Hopefully I will post something tomorrow.

I hope you all got your New Year started off well! Mine has, so far, been a bit” iffy”. So, stay tuned and thanks for keep an eye on the asylum while I was gone.


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7 thoughts on “Back, but not yet back in the saddle.

  1. Welcome back brother. America del Norte is still in the grip of the African prince so there’s no shortage of stuff waiting for your commentary. Get well soon.

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