The GOP Plan To Eat Its Own

I came across this American Spectator article by Jeffery Lord at the MB50 blog. It was the title, Karl Rove and the GOP Socialists, that captured my attention.

Before getting into Karl Rove and his big-government Republican socialists, I need to be up front with you, dear readers, about my view of the geo-politics of America today. This humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in arrived at the conclusion some time ago that it no longer matters much who is elected to the House, the Senate, or even the Presidency. The Leviathan is out of control. Any changes a conservative controlled House, Senate, and Oval Office could make without losing control would be minimal. Much the same could be said about many state and local governments, in my opinion. Just look at any electoral map from recent years and look at how often Americans reelect the same idiots time after time. Government in America needs an enema; but, assuming we could elect, even one time, enough conservatives to start the enema, history tells us that most of them would be thrown out in the very next election cycle. The only way the necessary restructuring of government in America has a chance of happening is after a complete and total collapse of its economy, which, in my opinion, is going to happen within the next few years; maybe before Obama is out of office.

So, that is what your humble observer thinks about the geo-politics of our nation. But, please understand, I still believe that I and like-minded conservatives have every reason to stay engaged in the political process between now and the coming economic collapse. You see, from my point of view, it matters not how many elections we lose (at all levels of government), as long as, when we lose, we lose with the RIGHT message. The RIGHT message is that America must go back the principles of its founding; that the constitution is the Law of the Land and must be sacrosanct, that our constitutionally protected God-given rights are sacrosanct, that we maintain government at all levels small and unintrusive; that we Americans stand for free market capitalism and not crony capitalism; that we must have honest money that our governments must live within their means; that we believe in State’s Rights. In my opinion, it will be extremely important that, when the economic collapse occurs, the RIGHT message is ringing in the ears of every American. At that point in time they must understand that they were warned and they didn’t listen.

And that, my friends, brings me back to Karl Rove and the GOP establishment. Please read the Jeffery Lord article linked above. He points out how Karl Rove and his Super PAC, Crossroads, and the GOP establishment and the US Chamber of Commerce are planning to do everything in their power to protect their incumbents and defeat more conservative candidates in the primaries across the country. In other words, they are willing to win or lose elections with the WRONG message; they only want moderate candidates who will support the status quo.

I don’t know how we conservative/libertarian bloggers can do more than we’ve been doing; but, I know we must do more. We must keep hammering away with the RIGHT message and must make sure that the people know we do not support what Karl Rove & Company are doing. One thing is for sure, this old man, who because of where he lives can only vote in presidential elections, will not vote for or support in any way candidates like Chris Christie or Jeb Bush or any other big-government Republican. Never again will I vote for the lessor evil. Evil is evil and will not fall for that trap again.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “The GOP Plan To Eat Its Own

  1. I want to think that way; but I know that this is do or die time. Fight like the devil on primaries, but in the end we cannot let the Democrat Party back in power. We need a breathing space to regroup. If we fail because we divide, then the future will be one of great conflict, I would be willing to bet.

    1. But, if we win with people who won’t do what must be done, what have we gained, Norma? My opinion is that the coming economic collapse is inevitable. It is human nature, when all hell breaks loose, to blame the Party in power. If that is the Republican Party, then what? I’m not close minded on the subject. I will listen to good arguments for another way.

  2. Alright, my friend, now that you’ve had all that time off from blogging to rest up, let’s challenge your thinking a bit. Your analysis is, as usual, spot on concerning what ails us. But what about the fallout?

    “The only way the necessary restructuring of government in America has a chance of happening is after a complete and total collapse of its economy”

    Why? When the economy comes crashing down, which it must, where is the mechanism to force a restructuring of government? People who lose jobs, their fortunes, their homes, etc. will be desperate and likely more susceptible than ever to any false promises government throws at them. Government will be viewed as the only entity big enough to save us from ourselves.

    It’s human nature at work. When you possess things of value you fear losing, you will strike out against a threat. Once those things are lost, you revert to basic human survival instincts and will seek any bones thrown your way.

    I think the time to save America is when we still have value worth saving. If we hope to rise up from the ashes, it will be the elites of today who still retain enough wealth and power after the crash who will shape how America reforms itself. What chance do us little people have of seeing Constitutionally grounded elected officials lead that charge?

    We all know the enemy within is always the greatest threat. No reason that can’t be true for the establishment as well. That’s why I support Mark Levin’s Article 5 approach. Take them down from within. Their power and influence will only grow after the crash.

    Unless we go down the road of violent revolution and I don’t think too many support that.

    Just one man’s opinion anyway.

  3. There’s no interest like self interest. The useful idiots at FOX News continue to provide a sinecure from which Rove propagandizes his platform of divide and conquer the republican party. Paraphrasing the man who was ahead of his time, “Get out da Bushes.”

  4. The one glimmer of hope is the looming obamacare disaster. For once it will impact on a Personal level. If the insurance companies get out ahead of it, it just might do the trick. The administration will try and blame them but….

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