Property Seizures Through ObamaCare?

What we don’t know can indeed hurt us. What I don’t know could fill the Library of Congress and then some. And, that’s true of all of us, isn’t it? Fortunately, we have the internet, where we often learn about things by accident while searching or researching other subjects. That happened to me today. While reading an article at the Canada Free Press (H?T to BadBlue Uncensored News) on the never-ending Global Warming sham, I came across something I’d never heard about before. This an excellent article briefly covers a lot of ground on how government policies based on the threat of Global Warming and the UN’s Agenda 21 are hurting middle class Americans.

Part of the article reminds us about the Agenda 21 goal to eventually concentrate all people into ultra-high concentration urban centers; the  Emerging Megaregions for 2050 America. This is the bit that caught my attention:

How would the state and federal government confiscate/purchase private property so quickly? One way is through eminent domain and environmental conservation. Another method is by property seizures through ObamaCare.

What the hell does ObamaCare have to do with property seizures? Read on.

In more than half the states, ObamaCare comes with an expansion of Medicaid. A 1993 federal law gives the states the right to recoup the costs of Medicaid by seizing the property of Medicaid recipients who have passed away.

There is a link to a Washington Post article on their Health and Science page. Apparently, Congress passed a little known law back in 1993. Who was President in 1993? Oh, yeah. It was America’s best known sexual predator, William Jefferson Clinton, aka Slick Willy. Anyway, this little known law gives states the right to recoup their Medicade costs by seizing the property of Medicaid recipients who have passed away. The WaPo article calls the law scary but improbable in application. Although there is very little evidence that people have had their property seized, the author Chanda Free Press article found:

…the state of Oregon confiscated $41 million assets from 8,900 people from July 2011 to June 2013.

Does anyone want to bet that Obama and Sebelius won’t use this law to compensate the high Medicade costs many states are going to experience under ObamaCare? I didn’t think so. What we don’t know can indeed hurt us!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

23 thoughts on “Property Seizures Through ObamaCare?

  1. Remember all those people who got shuffled off into Medicaid on the website? Well, guess what? (to close this little circle) If you were shuffled off into Medicaid and don’t want to be on Medicaid, if you try to buy off the exchange you will not receive a subsidy. See there – you have no choice since you won’t be able to afford to buy “private” or exchange insurance. Cute!

  2. Those seniors who have heirs should not wait to assume room temperature before distributing assets. There are no pockets in the pants you’re buried in, i.e , you can’t take it with you but the government can and will take it from you.

    1. Just check your state law before redistributing your assets. For instance, if dad has to go in a nursing home and you “unburdened” him of his assets in the past 3 or so years (different for each state), they will charge you with fraud. Trust me – they are relentless.

  3. In our state, it is not uncommon for the state to place a lien on ones home for Medicaid reimbursement. This came as a result of nursing home expenditures. Who would have guessed this turn of events. Now health insurance for what it is.

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