Amnesty __ The GOP’s Death Wish

I’m not a big fan of Ann Coulter even though I agree with her position on American politics most of the time. It’s her style that rubs me the wrong way. Her most recent post, GOP CRAFTS PLAN TO WRECK THE COUNTRY, LOSE VOTERS, is spot on the mark. The GOP plan she is talking about is the House Republican proposal for reforming our immigration laws; i.e.,  amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. Although John Boehner and Paul Ryan and others will argue that their plan requires securing the border first and does not provide a pathway to citizenship, the Senate Democrats are drooling at the mouth for the chance to sit down and negotiate with the Republicans. You know how that will turn out, don’t you?

It appears the GOP establishment are willing to be forever the minority party just to satisfy their crony capitalist friends in the US Chamber of Commerce.

Coulter’s article is full of statistics taken from various polls and studies that show what readers of Asylum Watch have known instinctively; that is, that immigrants ( legal and illegal) have for the last hundred years predominately supported the Democratic Party. By a wide margin, immigrants support big government and their social programs. They support things like ObamaCare and they support gun control, they support affirmative action, and, of course they support amnesty. Here are a couple interesting points you may not have known about immigrants:

According to a Harris poll, 81 percent of native-born citizens think the schools should teach students to be proud of being American. Only 50 percent of naturalized U.S. citizens do.

While 67 percent of native-born Americans believe our Constitution is a higher legal authority than international law, only 37 percent of naturalized citizens agree.

The two largest immigrant groups are Hispanics and Asians. Ann says they come from socialist cultures and they bring their cultures with them. That shouldn’t be surprising. We’ve seen the same thing happen when huge numbers of Californians fled their high tax state for Nevada and Nevada’s political culture was permanently changed as a result. New Yorker’s did the same thing to Vermont.

I can not speak to the Asian culture; but, I have traveled extensively  throughout Central and South America. I lived a while in Mexico and have lived more than twenty years in Venezuela. So, I think that I have standing to speak about Hispanic culture. Coulter is right when she says that Hispanics come from socialist cultures. With the possible exception of Chile, Central and South American countries have no right of center political parties. I doubt you could even find a centrist party in this region of the world. In Venezuela, for example, the least left of center parties call themselves Social Democrats, by which, they mean they have no problem with private businesses making a profit provided that everyone is first earning a “living wage”. I’ve never known any of these parties to define what a “living wage” is.

For years, I have followed three Venezuelan bloggers. They are all professionals, well educated, and well traveled. And yes, they are all left of center in their politics. They represent the opposition to the Marxist regime that has been in power for nearly 16 years now. Talk about a country divided. The hate between the two groups is palpable. One blogger recent pondered the question of when the regime falls, would the two groups be able to forgive each other? I think the comment of one Venezuelan woman living in the US while her son attends university there epitomizes what Coulter’s article is saying. Paraphrasing, the woman said: “I don’t know that I could forgive the supporters of the regime for what they done to my country. I hate them for what they have done the same way I hate what the Republicans are trying to do here.”

You see, this woman supports Democratic Party’s efforts to make America more socialist; but she hates the Marxists in Venezuela. She can not see the cause and effect between socialism and communism. Socialism is just a rest stop on the road to communism.

Socialism is in the genetic structure of Hispanics. Amnesty will only hasten the  demise of the Republican Party. They will be marginalized. And where does that leave us conservative/libertarian freedom lovers? Permanently on the outside looking in. It’s probably already too late. We will end up in the same place even without amnesty. Amnesty will just fast forward the day we become just another Banana Republic; all be it, a Banana Republic with one hell of a fearsome military.

It seems that the GOP is hell bent on commiting suicide. The collateral damage will be unimaginably bad.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


11 thoughts on “Amnesty __ The GOP’s Death Wish

  1. The simplistic overview is “Follow the money.” The republicans, I believe, have been seduced – no, compromised by the money changers and power brokers. With few exceptions the conservative spirit has been reduced to an unrealistic idealism in the face of the incrementally all pervading socialism consuming the country. I’m still of the mind that Obama does not step down in 2017. The government will need a willing leader to put down the food riots that are sure to come. The real deciding issue will not be immigration but rather gun control. Maybe the republicans are in a position of Better Red Than Dead.

  2. I agree with you on COulter, she rubs me the wrong way as well. But what really gets me about her is the fact that while promoting her book ‘Never Trust a Liberal over Three, Especially a Republican’ she went on Hannity and said it was time for the Tea Party to stop primarying the establishment even if they were RINOs. This is clearly hypocrisy. But she is right about this issue, the GOP establishment is preparing to commit suicide. they are trying to please their corporate masters and they feel it will not hurt them because the base will fall in line because they have no where else to go. But if they do pass this the base will stay home and they will lose, and they deserve to lose if they pass this.

  3. Ditto for me with Coulter. She seems to be as do so many others part of the FOX News conservative-lite peddle a book bunch.

  4. Wow. I love Ann Coulter. Unfortunately, like many entrenched GOP ers, she hasn’t figured out yet that our two party system is a complete failure. She is a huge cheerleader for a system that threw it’s citizens under the bus a long time ago.

    I have always felt the same way about other political hacks like Ace of Spades. Even when they win- they lose. We used to call that being a sucker.

  5. I have taught and continue to teach quite a few Asians: South Koreans and Christian Chinese — all legal immigrants. I’ve found these groups to assimilate quite well and to be patriotic Americans. Perhaps more liberal politically than I am, but certainly not into freeloading and parasitism.

    A few of the Hispanic immigrants I’ve known are not socialists, but overall most I’ve known are indeed socialists.

    I know that the Democratic Party favors amnesty and the like — in their permanent quest for more voting blocs. But can the GOP really believe that caving on this issue will give the GOP significant voting blocs. I don’t see how!

  6. The GOP continues to eat its young. What a pathetic bunch; thanks to Boehner and Rove, in my humble opinion.
    As for Venezuela, my stepdaughter has had a lot of clients there and she tells me the young entrepreneurs there hate the left and are losing everything…they’re dying to come to the States. She says they tell her the big ‘red shirt’ protests in favor of the Marxists are all fake. I asked her not to ask the wealthier but, in some way that she won’t incite too much dangerous curiosity, ask the cab driver or the waitress. They hated the Marxists, too! ???

    By the way, only 81% of native Americans think we should teach our kids to be proud of America? WHAT? That’s troubling in itself!
    Great post, Jim. You must admit that Cuban Hispanics are all over Conservatism…more than the Latin Americans, etc.

  7. Whatever the motives of the GOP House leadership (personally, I think they are deluded, and disdainful of their own grassroots), at the moment it looks as though they are in the midst of a revolt from GOP House members, and their amnesty push is going to be discarded–at least for a time. It seems that the dissolution of the GOP will have to wait for another day–and they are kidding themselves if they think even for a second that caving in on immigration will not destroy the GOP.

  8. A man named Eric Gurr is running against John Boehner in the primaries this May. He’s against Amnesty. If we are going to get rid of this ugly GOP RINO machine, I say we cut the head off first. I think that starts with supporting Mr.Gurr.

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