“Egads, still more foreign bungling” an essay by Norma Brown

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from Norma Brown of the Ooobie on Everything blog. Norma also writes for Patriot Update. This essay was originally published on February 5, 2014.


Egads, still more foreign bungling

drunkHere we go again. Every time I think I can move on to something different, Syria raises its ugly head. Well, not Syria per se, but US policy toward Syria. The drunk we have at the wheel in the United States Department of State, John Kerry, has had us on a real rollercoaster ride of surprise twists and turns. First he claimed Syria had killed hundreds if not thousands in multiple chemical weapons attacks and denied any possibility that the opposition could have access to such weapons (later rebutted by UN). When Vladimir Putin succeeded in getting Syria to give up its cw arsenal, Kerry had to stop urging a quick NATO bombing of unbelievably small size to save civilization as we know it. Then, after denying he’d ever denied the possibility of Syria giving up its cw arsenal, he made kissy face for a while with Syria as they cooperated in disarming themselves of the nasty weapons. But of late, even after we know that the opposition has murdered civilians in Syria with chemical weapons, that they have persecuted and continue to persecute Christians, and long after we saw the tiny core of actual human Assad opponents eaten alive by the jihadists, we are turning once more against — Assad, the secularist. We propose to arm the opposition (again) but this time, we are to believe, the weapons will go to the right opposition. They will then smash the jihadists and rout the Assadists and the moon will be in the Seventh House. And maybe something more is up those policy wonks’ sleeves than is immediately apparent.

Listen to this, from the news pages of the Wall Street Journal:

Secretary of State John Kerry called the bombings “the latest barbaric act of a regime that has committed organized, wholesale torture, used chemical weapons, and is starving whole communities by blocking delivery of food to Syrian civilians in urgent need.

actDon’t these guys get that we are like, up tohere, with all their hyperbole? Every issue has to be solved right now, not tomorrow,  not in ten minutes, but right now — before anybody can ask questions! NATO must bomb, don’t ask why or we will perish! I was always skeptical that our government could learn to live with somebody they had already air-brushed out of future history books, and it seems such vile skepticism was warranted. Kerry has reverted to charges of gross brutality and use of chemical weapons in a spate of accusatory statements. Assad is still the subject of his greatest animosity. Not the jihadists out there cutting off heads and other body accessories, but Assad, with whom the US had managed to live quite comfortably before we decided he was too big for his pants. The intensity of the criticism and its replay through the amplifying mechanisms of the US left-wing media and the EU are unmistakable signs that a change of policy is in the works. Like the Obama-Clinton spin on Benghazi, the thrust is this: let’s take the story back to what it once was. Let’s revert to what we said before we lost the helm to Russia and Assad gained the upper hand. Let’s ignore anything that developed or occurred thereafter. In the case of Syria, let’s return to the bellicose rhetoric, shameless intervention, strident accusations of human rights abuses, and otherwise provocative behavior we resort to so frequently to effect our will. The bogus Syrian peace talks have collapsed (for now or forever we do not know) and this should serve as evidence to the world that NATO and its only superpower, the US, tried like the dickens to get Assad to accept his own ouster and no doubt subsequent trial as a human rights abuser. If Assad won’t agree, what’s a feller to do? Now that US bona fides as peacemaker have been established, our government can arrange a NATO “air campaign” (war) against Syria whenever convenient. It won’t be a war, of course. It will be a defense of human rights.

kerrysyriaLike Kerry’s claims on cw use, on Syrian willingness to disarm, and on the valorous and democracy-loving “freedom fighters” aka Al Qaeda — I don’t quite believe this latest claim about the Syrian government blocking aid, either. Or maybe I do and I think, what else should the Syrian government do — allow the influx of a commodity that Al Qaeda can use to control the population? And as the WSJpoints out, the relief agencies in Syria do not want any UN resolutions at all while they are working with the Syrian government to solve blockages. They likened the approach backed by the West and the US to useless bullying. And the humanists who actually risk their lives to deliver assistance have such a reaction even though the resolution proposed at the UN doesn’t speak of any consequences if Assad tells the West to blow it out their ears. So why are we engaged in this at all, if not just to drive Assad farther against the wall? Rather than just being the foreign policy buffoonery it seems, could it be possible that all the scene-setting has a purpose?

Here is my very best guess: the guys in DC have no idea what they are doing in Syria or the larger region. I guess there are still experts on the region in the key agencies but maybe no longer at the top of the policy chain — lower down, below the political hacks who run things and can ignore their advice.  We are now blundering in the dark, having lost control of the situation that we helped to create. Everywhere we turn in that part of the world, it is nothing but disaster. Meanwhile, on the home front, the Obama honchos know they have blown the public opinion game big-time with their disastrous socialized medicine opening gambit. People hate the health-care law and resent the smug one percent-ers who foisted it on them. The socialist agenda the DC crowd is pushing on America is unpopular among those who actually work for a living. Americans don’t think America is on the right path. There’s nothing to crow about. In 2014 the Dems stand to lose on all fronts, unless the GOP actually hands the elections to them, which is always possible.

cut headsThat’s where the NATO bombing comes in. If it could be timed to start, say, September 30, 2014 – patriotic fervor will be at its peak by voting day in November. If the George Orwell Brigade could have some timely big-screen footage of Assad being torn limb from limb by an outraged Syrian mob of democracy-lovers (Al Qaeda), that would be a really big help. It would show the world why we had to go to bat for the opposition.

There really was a time when I believed heart and soul in my country and my government. I had to learn the hard way.

3 thoughts on ““Egads, still more foreign bungling” an essay by Norma Brown

  1. Flashback to Bill Clinton’s bombing of the last barrier to the wholesale muslim invasion of Europe. Who remembers? No one anymore than who will remember in November of 2014 that Obama, Clinton and Kerry all ride together in the same clown car when making foreign policy on Syria, the Benghazi massacre and the total cluster f__k in middle east initiated by Obama’s all but forgotten Arab Spring debacle. We are a stupid people led by traitors.

  2. Great summary of the Obama foreign policy ventures. I am not sure what our interests are in Syria, other than to keep from stepping on our toes. They have no oil, so there is nothing for us to protect. Since Obama has gotten all the military out of Iraq, we no longer have any influence in that part of the world.

    Great planning, Barry.

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