Did The RNC Give Up Its Right To Challenge Certain Voter Fraud In 1982?

Asylum Watch is grateful to Adrienne at Adrienne’s Corner for bringing this story carried by Nox and Friends to our attention. This is another of those stories that belongs in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not category. From Nox and Friends we learn:

Here’s how the whole debacle started: during the 1981 New Jersey gubernatorial election, the DNC and the New Jersey Democratic State Committee (DSC) brought an action against the RNC and the New Jersey Republican State Committee (RSC) in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey accusing them of discrimination against minority voters.

So, what were those dastardly Republicans in New Jersey doing?

The RNC (and RSC) were accused of “voter caging” and other lesser misdeeds. The RNC (and RSC) allegedly created a voter challenge list by mailing sample ballots to individuals in precincts with a high percentage of racial or ethnic minority registered voters and then, when postcards were returned as undeliverable, they included those individuals on a list of voters to challenge at the polls.

In other words, the Republicans in New Jersey were challenging voters who may not reside where they claim to reside. Sounds clever to me; but I’m no expert in voter laws. The Democrats obviously didn’t like any of their solidly Democrat voters being challenged and the case went to court in 1982. Apparently, the RNC didn’t think they were faring well with the judge, so they decided to settle with the DNC without admitting guilt and the signed a consent decree with the DNC, which was accepted by the judge. The Consent Decree that the brainiacs of the RNC signed has no expiration date or sunset provision. Brilliant!

The provisions of the Consent Decree are for the most part benign except for this clause:

(e) refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose;

Yes, everyone knows that voter fraud only ever happens with white voters, right?

The RNC did try numerous times to have the Consent Decree overturned; but…

The RNC has tried to overturn the original Consent Decree several times, and each time the court has refused to vacate the decree. And each time the Decree is revisited, the Carter appointee judge who signed the original agreement (and has long since retired), comes back just so he can renew the order again.

A very dedicated judge, don’t you think?

Over the years the case takes a number of twists and turn making it even more difficult for the RNC to challenge voter fraud. Once more in 2010 the RNC appealed the case in the 3rd Circuit Court. The judge was less than sympathetic:

The RNC asks that our Court vacate a decree that has as its central purpose preventing the intimidation and suppression of minority voters. When, as here, a party voluntarily enters into a consent decree not once, but twice, and  then  waits  over  a  quarter  of  a  century  before  filing  a motion to vacate or modify  the decree, such action gives us pause. Further, the RNC, with the advice of counsel, twice chose to limit indefinitely its ability to engage in certain activities enumerated in the Decree by entering into a decree with no expiration date.

Furthermore, the District Court has never prevented the RNC from implementing a voter fraud prevention program that the RNC has submitted for preclearance, at least in part, because the RNC has never submitted any voter fraud prevention program for preclearance.

Do we need any more proof that the GOP deserves the title, The Stupid Party?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

28 thoughts on “Did The RNC Give Up Its Right To Challenge Certain Voter Fraud In 1982?

  1. This post is racist. Given the white man’s history of brutal oppression shouldn’t we let minorities vote as often as possible in as many districts as they like?

    It’s the compassionate thing to do. It’s for the children!

  2. In the words of NJ resident and SNL cast member Joe Piscopo, Hi! I’m from Jersey, you from Jersey? And in the immortal words of Forest Gump, Stupid is as stupid does. Northern Bergen County, one of the richest counties in the country was until the late 80″s solidly republican. It is now and has been solidly democrat for the past 30 years. NJ used to be called “the Garbage State” since for years the pig farms in Secaucus, now long gone, greeted travelers on the NJ Turnpike with an unforgettable stink. I propose we revive that name since the democrats with the invaluable help of the clueless republicans have managed to turn the state into the cesspool, both politically and structurally, it is today.

  3. Actually, I don’t think that listing people who have moved and then challenging them at the poll is immoral, racist, or negative in any way. As a matter of fact, the State of New Jersey should be doing something similar to keep their records up to data.

    I don’t believe that you should be refused at the polls because you don’t live where you used to live. There are lots of people who have moved and forgot to correct their voting address, even after they have corrected their drivers license and other official documents.

    However, if that person has moved out of state, or has died, it is perfectly reasonable for someone to be challenged at the poll.

    As for the Republican Party being the stupid party? Well, maybe that’s a reflection of the current leadership being too honest to be politicians. Please, hold your laughing for a while.

  4. In NJ there are very few conservative,rightwing/republican enclaves remaining where a republican can get elected. The exception was Christies 2009 victory in the gubernatorial election. Corzine, the democrat governor was so corrupt and with a reported $5 Billion in state money unaccounted for even his homies couldn’t close their eyes. But we will not see a republican senator from this state nor another republican governor in our lifetime. And that’s not factoring the 20-30 million illegals waiting for their voter ID’s once the man with his pen and phone does his thing; and then eventually their extended third world families chomping at the bit …

    1. Really, Steve? I learned of this probably a year and a half or so ago. I thought I was the LAST person to find this out. 😉

  5. Thanks for the re-telling of this post from my fellow writer, Garnet, at ‘Nox & Friends.
    This is such an important, yet widely unknown truth, and the biggest factor in the rampant fraud of the most recent elections.

    I only have to beg one difference :
    The GOP is NOT known as the “Stupid Party”.
    It is officially known as the “PSP”…..Perpetually Stupid Party.
    The way to get around this insane decree is to dump the GOP.
    Tea Party anyone ?

  6. I’ll echo what Terry stated… thanks for posting this. It’s important that people know it. Our votes don’t count anymore because they cannot be defended against voter fraud.

    Both parties have kept it quiet. The D’s won’t mention it because the the opposition team is neutered. The R’s won’t say a peep because donations and membership will evaporate.

    Recently, i had the RNC call me about a donation. I threw this in their face. The next day one of their higher ups called and I brought it up again. He attempted to argue the point then admitted that he was not aware of it. After a few ers, ah, er… we’ll get back to you…

    A close friend of mine is a county GOP chairman who was unaware of the decree. At first he said “BS”, then he read all the info I sent him. He is still in shock.

    The R’s don’t want it known with the hope that one day the decree will be vacated. In the meantime, our votes are being erased by fraud.

    Please check out this link: http://hardnoxandfriends.com/voter-fraud-consent-decree-of-1982/

    The above is a summary of voter fraud and is a work in progress.

    Thanks again for broadcasting this.

    1. On the contrary, it is I and my readers who are in debted to you for bring this information to light. Sadly, we who believe that our Founders kew what they doing are not represented by either of the two major political parties; not at the federal level or any other level.The GOP is nomore going to dismantle the Big Government structures they have been a part of building thaan the Democrats. The Tea Parties are, in my opinion, are the best shot we have of recapturing the American experiment. They are going to need a lot more converts. We are playing catch-up. The socialist have been well organized for over a hundred years.

      Thanks for the link. I have added Nox and Friends to the Asylum Watch blogroll. Keep up the good fight!

      1. I agree. The problem is that we have been outflanked. It is up to us to correct that.

        Thanks. I will add your blog to our links as well.

  7. Thanks so much for reposting this piece – it’s important that conservatives know why our so-called Republican Party keeps shooting itself in the foot. They were dysfunctional back in 1982 when this all started and when we look at Boehner and McConnell today, they’re not an improvement. We need a system flush and re-arm with new, smarter, more assertive, representation – else we’ll be stuck with “progressive” administrations into the future. Thanks again! Visit us at: http://hardnoxandfriends.com/

  8. When will the lightbulb go on at TP central. If they and quasi conservative outlets like FOX News and talk radio would drop the acronym and Instead at all times say The Taxed Enough Already party maybe more people would be inclined to take off their blinders and put on their thinking caps. If I were a political consultant I could have made big bucks by selling that idea. All things being equal the party will most likely continue to help along the negative imagery kept alive by the left and the RINO’s.

  9. Thanks CoS for posting this. As I mentioned in another comment, I have known of this for only a little over a year. So many STILL don’t know about this.

    (warning…shameless plug for my new political party ahead 😉 )

    ONE MORE REASON to THROW AWAY our current CORRUPT political party. Support a NEW party that is for the Constitution EXCLUSIVELY. A political Platform that doesn’t promote a personal agenda, but is a step by step plan to remove corruption, money, and special interests from our government. A Platform that restores the balance of power between our central and state governments. A Platform that restores our Constitutional Republic, Constitution rule – ALL of the Constitution not just the parts we ‘like’ – and the rule of the People to our great Country. 🙂

    1. Hi Laura, there are millions that will agree with you. Me included. However, the task of fielding a third party is enormous. Consider that the Libertarian party has been in operation for over 40 years and the only success story has been the election of Ron Paul in Texas, and he ran as a Republican.

      The way that the rules are structured it makes it virtually impossible to run a third party for president. Case in point: Virginia. To get on the primary ballot a candidate must have 1,000 signatures on a petition for each of our 63 counties. All the signatures must be from registered voters. That task is HUGE. To that end our choices in Virginia were limited to either Romney or Paul in 2012. Gingrich, Santorum, and Bachmann weren’t even on the ballot.

      Each state has their own unique rules. There are 6,000+ counties across our land. 50 states, and a handful of territories. Imagine the creation of opening an office in each county with volunteers and paid staff, plus the state offices, and a national office. Many of theses rules were enacted after Ross Perot’s (almost successful) run in ’92. Perot scared both parties big time.

      Fielding a viable third party is not impossible but the deck is stacked so high against it that it is virtually impossible to field a candidate for president. Also, where would the money come from?

      That said, it is best that the TEA movement purge the GOP and the RNC of RINOs and install real conservatives. In my view it is the only practical way otherwise we might as well just fold and let the left run things.

      A Constitutional Amendment for term limits would also go a long way to limit the corruption in DC and purge both parties of career politicians. It would limit special interest influence greatly which is really what controls Washington.

      Presently, retired Major General Paul Vallely is attempting to coalesce the ragtag TEA groups around the country in an attempt to create a single voice. I imagine that task is akin to herding cats. His message is for conservative candidates to run as Americans rather than R’s and D’s. Of course if they won the primaries they would all run as republicans.

      1. Hi Hard,

        Thanks for the reply. I will not argue with anything you said about third parties and how hard the reps of our current corrupt parties have made it for third party candidates – it is all true. 🙂

        I do disagree with your opinion on how to proceed, though – for a couple of reasons.

        The TEA movement (your choice of words is correct, it’s not really a ‘party’) is tainted. I think they are wonderful, but the lies spread by the dems, the media, and the repugs…oops, I meant repubs 😉 have made it practically impossible for them to make any headway. They have been demonized, just like the left and right demonized each other. Every ‘party’ not their own, really. The beauty of their ‘movement’ is that people who identify as TEA party can support candidates from other parties. Candidates who identify themselves as TEA party can run as candidates from other parties. The ideals of the TEA movement fit in perfectly with my Party.

        Which brings me to my next point. Political parties themselves. All they do is DIVIDE the People. Political parties have their own agendas – they DON’T exist to elect SERVANTS of the People. They exist for POWER, INFLUENCE, and MONEY. They exist to advance their own agendas – NOT the Constitutional duties of the federal government and the will of the People. They DON’T really care what the Constitution or the People say – they expect ‘their’ candidates to toe the party line – no matter what the Constitution allows or the People want. We are seeing this now more than ever. The TEA people are trying to follow the Constitution AND the will of the People. The ‘old guard’ of the republican party and the MONEY people are actually working against representatives who are trying to follow the Constitution and what their constituents want. The repugnants have shown their true colors. They are NOT the party of small government, the party of the Constitution. They do not want to remove the corruption in D.C. – they want to PROTECT it. They are just more corrupt politicians who need to be replaced.

        Corruption. Our federal government is completely corrupt and illegitimate. We, the People, have to change this because our representatives WON’T. Politicians have NO INTEREST in restoring our government, our Country, to a Constitutional Republic. They have no interest in restoring the proper balance of powers between the central government and the states. They have no interest in restoring our COURTS to their proper Constitutional functions. No interest in restoring our military to its Constitutional function of PROTECTING us and our Country ONLY. No interest in removing the corrupting influence of MONEY from our government. No interest in restoring the rule of law, Constitutional rule, and the rule of the People to our Country. Because they do not have any intention of doing this, we CAN’T do this from INSIDE the current parties, we MUST do this from OUTSIDE. A completely NEW party, with a new – and by new I mean a return to the original – idea of how our government should function, and a new (return to the original) way of ELECTING our representatives.

        HOW our representatives do their jobs. THEY ARE DOING IT WRONG and so are we. Our Founders gave us a new and untried form of government – People controlled. We are NOT to elect representatives based on THEIR views, based on what THEY would do, based on THEIR ideas. We are to elect people who will OBEY the Constitution, enact ONLY Constitutionally authorized and NECESSARY & PROPER laws, and SET ASIDE their opinions to listen to and obey ONLY their constituents. Are those the kinds of representatives we elect now? NO!! We elect people who think they are our LEADERS & RULERS. People who think they are to MAKE DECISIONS FOR US instead of carry out OUR DECISIONS. We HAVE to have a new party to do this because the repugnants will NEVER do this. We need a new party and We the People need to RESUME our job of controlling our agents. We have to STEP UP and make our wishes known. We have to take hold of the reins of government again. We CAN’T do that using the repugnants because THEY WOULD NEVER LET US.

        There has NEVER been a BETTER time for a new party. The people are so disgusted with the repugnants and their corruption. Heck, even Palin talked about a new party. NOW is the time for a TRUE PARTY OF THE PEOPLE to BURST onto the scene and sweep up the populace in our quest to restore our Constitutional Republic. Now is the time, we must come to the aid of our People in their desperate cry for help in saving our Constitutional Republic, Constitutional rule, and the rule of the People.

      2. Continued….

        Had so much to say decided to split it into two comments…..alright, alright, alright! I can’t lie – at least not about this. 😉 I just NOW remembered I wanted to make a few more points. Getting old is hell…the alternative is 1000% times worse though.

        Term limits – NO! Taking a BREAK between terms….YES! Our position is serve 12 years then take a 6 year break. IF a person is WORTHY of being re-elected after the break – that person will have the opportunity to do so. This gets RID of the useless reps AND allows the good reps to continue to serve after a short ‘time out.’ This forces people to LOOK at other representatives. It allows the People to get out from under the bad, useless, but unfathomably popular reps. AND DOESN’T violate the Right of the People to elect whom they want. The federal government does NOT have the authority to tell us that we CAN’T set limits on who is elected and how many times. This is OUR POWER – not THEIRS. The Constitution grants the feds power over WHEN, WHERE, and HOW an ELECTION for U.S. reps is HELD. NOT OVER ANYTHING ELSE.

        Congressional pay reform. Our position is to bring our reps pay in line with the median income. They will NOT get ‘rich’ off the job of serving the People. Their pay will be median, their BENEFITS will be NO better than the average benefits of the Country, their retirement will be NO better than the average retirement and it will NOT be LIFETIME.

        Consequences for NOT serving the People. Right now the only consequence is to ‘vow’ to vote them out. Something that we never seem to end up doing. Instead, RECALLS and tying their RETIREMENT to their performance in office. The federal government has NO authority to tell us we CAN’T recall U.S. reps/senators. They say the Constitution doesn’t allow for the People to recall our U.S. reps. Only Congress is delegated power to remove reps. BULLSHEET!!!! The Constitution WOULD NEVER SAY THE PEOPLE HAVE THIS POWER. The Constitution is for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NOT THE PEOPLE. Jumping Jehoshaphat People – when are we going to realize this. The Constitution CONTROLS our federal government. It DOESN’T CONTROL US!!!

        We HAVE this power because we SAY we have this power. We ELECT them, we CAN RECALL THEM. When the states chose the senators the states had the power to recall misbehaving senators. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME POWER.

        The ‘other’ consequence. We the People CONTROL how much of their retirement they are awarded based on OUR satisfaction with THEIR performance in office. DON’T YOU DARE let our CREATURE – the federal government – tell us what power we have & don’t have. We have the power to do this because WE SAY WE DO. The People say what power we have – the federal government doesn’t tell US – WE tell THEM.

        Stop letting the courts – our CREATURE – tell us what powers they and the other branches have AND what OUR Constitution means AND what OUR RIGHTS protect. The federal government has NO AUTHORITY to do this. WHY ARE WE LETTING THEM?????

        These areas are addressed by our Platform Articles. These are the corrections the People need to make to start the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. We address many other areas of corruption in our Platform. It ISN’T a Platform of HOW the People should think, it is a step by step process – a plan – to make the necessary corrections in our Country’s course.

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