Victimhood Is A Lie Perpetrated By Liberals

The promoters of racial victimhood, whereby the plight of minority groups; especially blacks, is blamed on the history of white dominance in America. These promoters of victimhood are, of course, all liberals. And, the most radical victimhood race baiters are well-to-do black liberals Like: Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Whoopie Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, and etc. Every time standardized test scores are reported showing blacks and Hispanics scoring much lower than their white counter parts, these people are quick to tell blacks and Hispanics that their low scores are not their fault because they are victims of the white man’s racism. Now there is new additional evidence that refutes the victimhood myth; not that liberals are ever bothered by contrary facts.

The new evidence is reported by none other than Thomas Sowell in his article, A Challenge to Our Beliefs. Dr. Sowell sees some thought provoking information being reported on school children in England that America’s race baiters will find difficult to explain by their standard explanation of racism. In England is being reported that poor black children of African immigrants and the children of poor immigrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan scored 60% and 50% respectively on standard tests, while poor English white children scored only 30%. Dr. Sowell writes:

What jolts us is not only that this phenomenon is so different from what we are used to seeing in the United States, but also that it fits neither the genetic nor the environmental explanation of black-white educational differences here.

These white students in England come from the same race that produced Shakespeare and the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton, among other world class intellects over the centuries. But today many young whites in England are barely literate, and have trouble with simple arithmetic. Nor are these white students the victims of racial discrimination, much less the descendants of slaves.

Of course, Sowell has some thoughts on why the poor in England have such different results from the poor in America:

What low-income whites in England and ghetto blacks in the United States have in common is a generations-long indoctrination in victimhood. The political left in both countries has, for more than half a century, maintained a steady and loud drumbeat of claims that the deck is stacked against those at the bottom.

The American left uses race and the British left uses class, but the British left has been at it longer. In both countries, immigrants who have not been in the country as long have not been so distracted by such ideology into a blind resentment and lashing out at other people.

In both countries, immigrants enter a supposedly closed society that refuses to let anyone rise — and they nevertheless rise, while the native-born at the bottom remain at the bottom.

Those who promote an ideology of victimhood may imagine that they are helping those at the bottom, when in fact they are harming them, more so than the society that the left is denouncing.

The good Doctor also points to another inconvenient fact that liberals like to ignore:

Back in the 1940s, before the vast expansion of the welfare state and the ideology of victimhood used to justify it, there was no such gap on test scores between black schools in Harlem and white, working class schools on New York’s lower east side.

You can find the data on pages 40-41 of an article of mine in the Fall 1981 issue of “Teachers College Record,” a journal published by Columbia University — that is, if you think facts matter more than rhetoric or social visions.

Facts, unfortunately facts are of no importance to liberals and certainly not to victimhood race baiters. US Attorney General, Eric Holder, has said that Americans are cowards because they refuse to have an honest discussion on race. We know better, don’t we? It is precisely Eric Holder and his race baiting friends that are too cowardly to have an honest discussion on race in America.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Victimhood Is A Lie Perpetrated By Liberals

  1. Liberals are emotional cripples who project their self-loathing onto society. When they are self-loathing they see themselves as victims. Hence the need for daddy, now played by the government, to give them cookies and treats and pat them on the head and say “It’s okay. It’s not your fault. You’re a victim. There’s nothing you can do.”

  2. You nailed it Jim, the left has created different groups of victims in order to divide us between races, classes, and sexual orientation in order to divide us so that we can be more easily conquered. The left thrives upon this division and is dependent upon it for their power, they do not care about these “victims” other than the fact they can use them to remain in power. Until Americans unite against the ruling class and say enough is enough this tactic will continue to work and we will all be the worse off for it. The victims are ALL the American people because we continue to let the elitists divide us.

  3. Most teachers are aware that students who have a victimology mindset do not make sufficient academic and peer-relationship progress. Yet, most teachers are liberals, who promote victimology (as outlined in this blog post). Go figure!

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