Senate advances bill to bail out Russia and China. Will the House go along?

What? You say you haven’t heard about this bill. It’s been in the news : By a 78-17 vote, the Senate voted to advance the bill to a final vote, which is likely to occur sometime later this week. Actually there is a good reason you haven’t heard of the bill to bail out Russia and China. Those sneaky devils in Washington were clever enough not to mention Russia or China in the bill. It’s called the Ukraine Aid bill. The Senate wants you rich Americans to give poor Ukraine $1 billion. That will make Mr. Putin very happy since $1 billion is exactly the amount of the Ukraine’s over due gas bill with Russia.

The bill is expected to meet stiff opposition when it goes to the House. Not because the House members don’t want to spend your tax dollars on the Ukraine. They do! But, the sneaky devils in the Senate added language to  reform to the way the US funds the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF, of course, wants more of your money and they want the US to have less say on how they spend it. The IMF already gets most of its money from you and, whether or not the final bill is passed with or without the IMF reform language, you can bet they are chomping at the bit to loan a bunch of your money to the Ukraine. That, my friends, is going to make China very happy because: China Takes Sides: Sues Ukraine $3 bn Loan Repayment.

We shouldn’t worry though. We are already taking on $1 trillion a year in new debt. What’s another few billion dollars more? Our kids and grandkids will be good for it, right?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?










12 thoughts on “Senate advances bill to bail out Russia and China. Will the House go along?

  1. actually Ukraine owes Russia 2 billion for gas, not to mention all the gas that Ukraine has routinely stolen from Russia out of the pipelines. And Ukraine won’t get more gas from Russia until it pays for what it owes so maybe the $1 billion is meant to keep Russia from turning off the tap.

    1. Maybe I would be more sympathetic if Russia hadn’t slaughtered at least 20 million souls. Well, it’s been more than fifty years since we had a good European war. Time is at hand.

  2. One billion $’s is merely 10-15 Mooch overseas vacation junkets but who’s counting. In the immortal words of Ralph Kramden, A mere bag of shells. If you don’t believe the US Senate is bought and paid for you probably don’t believe global warming is a scam either.

  3. I am hearing that Reid stripped out the IMF language and I expect this will pass the House eventually. For some reason they feel as if we need to get involved in this regional conflict.

  4. Oh, come on, guys. Let the Congress approve a billion or so for Ukraine to pay their bills. With the value of our currency falling, that’s the only weapon we can use against the Russians.

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