Asylum Watch Interprets Bill Gates et al. Vision Of The Future

Bill Gates has become an American icon. He is the epitome of the American success story. Born into a well to do family, he attended the same elite private school as his father had before him. He went on to Harvard but drop out because he had an idea for a new type computer operating system he wanted to work at developing. He would develop an operating system that would allow low tech people to use computers. He called his new computer operating system “Windows”  and he built a company around his idea called Microsoft. Bill’s idea caught on quickly and Microsoft Windows would grow to be the dominate computer  operating system in the world. As a result of the success of Microsoft, Bill Gates became the richest man in the world  (estimated net worth is $76 billion).

So, when someone with the genius of Bill Gates talks about his vision of the future, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to what he has to say… and it’s also a good idea to read between the lines of what he and other elites have to say about the future.

Mr. Gates spoke to the American Enterprise Institute last month and Business Insider reported on what he had to say:

… Gates said that within 20 years, a lot of jobs will go away, replaced by software automation (“bots” in tech slang, though Gates used the term “software substitution”).

This is what he said:

“Software substitution, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses … it’s progressing. …  Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set. …  20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower. I don’t think people have that in their mental model.”


Gates believes that the tax codes are going to need to change to encourage companies to hire employees, including, perhaps, eliminating income and payroll taxes altogether. He’s also not a fan of raising the minimum wage, fearing that it will discourage employers from hiring workers in the very categories of jobs that are most threatened by automation.

He explained:

“When people say we should raise the minimum wage. I worry about what that does to job creation … potentially damping demand in the part of the labor spectrum that I’m most worried about.”

Isn’t that something? The richest man in the world is “most worried” about minimum wage workers. And, Gates is suggesting that income taxes( including corporate taxes) and payroll taxes should be eliminated. How do Gates and friends see the cost of the federal government being paid? This Daily Caller articles tells us that they want to replace income and payroll taxes with a consumption tax.

“I think it’s [a] tough” task to protect the middle class from the impact of automation, billionaire investor and immigration-advocate Steve Case said in December.

“I do think tax structures will have to move away from taxing [companies’] payroll because society has a desire to have employment,” Gates said.

“That’s going to force us to rethink how these tax structures work in order to maximize employment,” he said. One alternative, he said, would be to create consumption taxes — such as a federal sales tax — to hit higher-income people, while also reducing taxes paid by employers for each employee.

“The idea that consumption should be progressively taxed, I think that makes a lot of sense,” he said.

A progressive consumption (sales) tax? How would that work? I guess everyone would have to have a government I.D. with a computer chip containing the information from their W-2 forms. In other words, the robot waiting on a customer would ask for their government I.D. card and scan it and the costumers income level would determine their percentage consumption tax.

Earlier in the Daily Caller article there was this little tidbit about just how much impact new technology may have on the job market:

A 2013 “study by Oxford University researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne … [predicted] that nearly half of American jobs are at ‘high risk’ of being taken over by robots in the next decade or two,” National Journal reported in March.

In 20 years half of American’s jobs may be lost to robots and “software solutions”. That is scary! Yet, as this same article and many others point out, Gates and friends are big supporters of the Senate’s immigration reform bill. Does that make sense if so many people are going to lose their jobs? How many illiterate immigrants is Microsoft going to hire? The Daily Caller article may have the answer:

The immigration increases are backed by progressives who believe new immigrants will vote for Democrats. They’re also backed by wealthy voters who stand to gain from cheaper workers or services, such as landscaping and childcare. The increases are also backed by many business leaders, including Gates and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who try to hire cheap foreign professionals for jobs sought by American professionals.

Ah! That clears things up. Gates and friends want to be able to hire highly qualified immigrants who will accept a much lower salary than Americans with the same qualifications. The rational they use is that with so much unemployment due to technology, it’s necessary keep the employer’s cost for labor down in the formerly upper middle class so that even more people don’t become unemployed.


If Bill Gates and friends are right about “software solutions” and robotics replacing up to 50% of the workforce within two decades and if they succeed in getting the tax reforms and immigration reforms they want, America will no longer be a “first world” nation. (Logically all other “developed” nations would go the same way.) The number of people on food stamps would go from 50 million today to maybe 150 million in those two decades. The middle class will shrink dramatically and the average income of the remaining middle class will be much less than it is today. The rich oligarchs though their very high consumption tax will be paying to support all those who can not find employment.

Her is a question for you to ponder. How long will the rich oligarchs put up with supporting half or more the population?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?









7 thoughts on “Asylum Watch Interprets Bill Gates et al. Vision Of The Future

  1. Meanwhile Microsoft stops supporting XP, but the government contracted with him to support all of their Xp programs to the tune of hmmm. Billions? But regular folks will spend billions to upgrade their programs,

  2. This is the old, I stole an idea from Steve Jobs and conned IBM into using my software for the next 50 years…and thus I am brilliant in every way.

    This is the same BS I hear every time Warren Buffet opens his mouth.

    Screw Bill Gates. He was granted a monopoly wherein we all have to pay ridiculous prices for software and upgrades. He is simply another oligarch that thinks he can predict the future. Ross Perot predicted the future too. He said if America signed free trade agreements they would lose a shit ton of jobs. A big sucking sound he called it.

    Our culture gives these people way too much credibility. It is almost like some form of worship.

    You know what I’d like to see? A little humility and a lot less ego from our man gods. Then I’d sit up and take notice..

  3. Gates is as transparent as he is smart. Socialism is socialism by any other name or by no name. When the unemployed masses tire of idleness and the elites tire of feeding them the logical extension of this will rear its ugly head, genocide. By the time it comes to that they’ll have Mexican robots do their dirty work like guarding the FEMA camps and marching people to the soylent green processing centers.

  4. Technocracy ….read Patrick Wood on this. As for Gates, he’s so brilliant he promotes zero carbon ….like that is such a realistic goal. Yeah. Real genius there. We’d better hope his visions don’t happen. The consumption tax he prescribes is the nightmare Fair Tax scheme. Again, we’d better hope his visions never happen. Of course he has had a hand in Common Core to make sure he can capitalize on the new generation indoctrinated into his visions, too.

    His fortune hasn’t made him moral, that’s for sure.
    Just because he is rich doesn’t make him an expert on running the world, though he thinks so. Fabian Socialism facilitated by technocracy. Oh great…..

  5. Several thoughts…

    Historical Gates Trivia:
    Gates did NOT write MS-DOS, his original operating system. Another student at Harvard did that and Gates and Paul Allen bought it from him for practically nothing and then turned around and marketed it to IBM to run the first IBM PCs. That is how he they got rich.

    Truth be known, Allen was the tech genius and Gates the business wizard. (Sorta like Steve Wozniak was the brains and Steve Jobs the business guru at Apple)

    The future is now:
    Automation has already eliminated millions of jobs. It is one of the main reasons we remain in a jobs depression and that 7.5-8 million jobs were permanently lost in the Great Recession. Automation has greatly increased individual worker productivity to the point that one worker can often accomplish what it used to take 100 or more in the past.

    Consumption Tax:
    In its purist form a consumption tax replaces income taxes. No more IRS. No more tax loopholes. It’s basically just a national sales tax. The people and businesses that consume the most are the ones that pay the most taxes.

    It’s an idea that could work very well, but will never be implemented in its purist form because that would require Washington politicians to give up an immense amount of power… manipulating tax laws for political and campaign funding purposes.

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