“Six Years at Bernie’s” an essay by Brian

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from Brian of the Frankenstein Government blog. He originally published this essay om may 11, 2014.


Six Years at Bernie’s


During the week, I had the chance to see an oddball movie called “Weekend at Bernie’s.” It is the story about an embezzler (Bernie) who invites two co-workers (who discovered the theft) to his vacation home to have them killed and gets killed himself. The two co-workers, fearing they’ll get blamed for Bernie’s death, pretend he’s still alive and although there is a party at Bernie’s house over the weekend- nobody notices that Bernie is dead.

I don’t want to ruin the movie- in case you want to see it. It came out on blue ray last Tuesday.

There is a metaphor in here somewhere. 

All during the week, more and more internet chatter took place about Benghazi after the disclosure of an administration email that essentially proves that this administration willfully lied to the American people regarding the nature of the attack on Benghazi. Blaming it on some poor islamaphobe/videographer/felon schmuck in California (eventually having him arrested) and calling that a “talking point.” What a sham.

To call the actions of President Obama deplorable and reprehensible is obvious. They were willfully negligent.  That the American people have allowed Obama to essentially ignore this event has become a hallmark feature- not only of this presidency but of an American populace who apparently support this man and who are morally just as bankrupt as he is.

So I’m not here to state the obvious- that Obama is a self centered liar who placed his re-election concerns over the lives of American citizens, allowed others to lie about it on his behalf, and has never offered even an explanation for what he was doing that night.

Instead, I want to talk about an American citizenry that allows this type of reprehensible conduct and labels it “politics.”

Watergate was a third rate burglary. Back then, the media led by Woodward and Bernstein, were fed a non stop stream of information from the deputy director of the FBI who was code named “deep throat.” The journalistic investigation ended Nixon’s presidency. When it became obvious that Nixon was on the verge of being impeached or perhaps even criminally charged- he resigned and was later pardoned by President Ford.

A lot of people, particularly liberals, wanted Nixon in jail back then. We have never jailed an American president. I think we should have. It would have sent the message in this country that nobody is above the law. As it turns out- the Nixon affair was precedent setting.

So if we call Nixon a criminal for the scandal that was Watergate- how does the Benghazi affair measure up? What are we going to put on Obama’s report card?

I don’t think Obama directly ordered the siege and killings. That he did nothing that night was inexcusable. This was an American diplomat that had begged for help and protection- almost endlessly- and had received nothing from Hillary Clinton.That Benghazi was probably a CIA sponsored gun smuggling operation does not alter my view that only the President- the Commander in Chief- can order the military to protect our citizens anywhere. Think Jimmy Carter.

It was three weeks prior to the 2012 election and we all damn well know what happened to Jimmy Carter right before his re-election bid. The failed Iranian hostage rescue was seen as one more bungled attempt of an ineffective President. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Eagle_Claw  

I remember it well. So would Obama. We are both about the same age.

You see, I am not surprised that Obama is yet another self centered political sociopath who sees his material needs as far more important than the lives of some hoi polloi in a Libyan outpost. 

I am far more concerned with an enabling populace who will conjure up every excuse imaginable to allow Obama to escape responsibility. The last excuse, the deus ex machina that supporters always seem to default to… is that there is nothing to see here- it’s all just politics. That’s always the position the left takes whenever they’ve run out of excuses for this guy.

Only Obama could have sent the military to help our staff in Benghazi. He did not. Could there be some mitigating circumstance? Unfortunately for now, there is no explanation except that he is a callous, self centered human being that simply did not care about the lives of his countrymen. He had an election to win or lose.

If you would like to keep your sanity- ignore and accept what is happening today in America. Your countrymen are cowards. They distort issues and try to make facts look like opinions. They create every excuse imaginable to help their ilk escape accountability and responsibility.

Contrary to popular beliefs- we do not always get the politicians we deserve. Sometimes we get far worse.  

As a retired police chief, I am trying to imagine a situation where an employee failed to respond to a 911 call for help, let some family get massacred, and then ignored the whole incident with indifference. Never wrote a report or offered any explanation to a grieving family. Can you imagine that? Could he keep his job? Could I keep mine?

That would be a strange world indeed.

Getting back to that metaphor and a message of hope for the non criminally sane. Pretending that everything is fine does not make everything fine. To keep your sanity right now, keep your expectations low. Don’t compromise your principles and don’t let a majority of American cowards tell you what is right and wrong and remember this- just because you are right does not mean you will prevail. Right now, the cowards are winning.

We have two more years at Bernie’s.   


3 thoughts on ““Six Years at Bernie’s” an essay by Brian

  1. Dale Carnegie said, “Expect the worst from people and when they do well it will be a pleasant surprise,”, or something like that.

    I am still waiting to be pleasantly surprised by Obama.

  2. If I had a dollar for everyone I have asked this question over the past year and a half, “How many times did you vote for Obama”? and then watch them squirm, I could pay for a vacation to visit Jim in Venezuela.
    The urban dictionary describes a Patheticon as what someone would be if they were a Transformer…. or an american voter.

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