Obama _ A Foreign Policy Disaster?

{Note: My lack of blogging and making rounds of my favorite sites in the last while has been due to health issues, motivational issues, and internet connection issues. The health issues are back under control; the motivational and internet issues not so much.}

If one makes an honest assessment of the Obama presidency to date, we’d have to give him high marks for achieving his domestic policy goals; whether we agree with those policy goals or not. In five and one half years, President Obama has achieved every one of his domestic policy goals (either with the support of Congress or without) except for immigration reform, which he may still get with bipartisan support from ranking GOP members in both houses of congress.

There is a question mark in the title of this post because, on the foreign policy front, it is difficult to know what Obama’s policy goals were. Obama made a speech in Cairo shortly after coming into office where he said his goal was a new era of understanding and cooperation between the West and the Muslim world. One is hard pressed to point to any success in that are. He promised to bring thew troops home from Iraq, which he did; but he failed to negotiate the right to keep a small base of operations there, which now allows for Iran to fly in military supplies to Assad in Syria.

Obama and his State Department were cheerleaders for the so-called Arab Spring.

He insisted that Mubarak step down in Egypt and was delighted when the Muslim Brotherhood came to power there. But, today the military has retaken control of Egypt and hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood activist and former government elites have been tried and sentenced to death.

Then President Obama insisted on regime change in Libya. He accepted the UN principle of “Right To Protect” and developed his doctrine of Leading From Behind. The result for the people of Libya has been total chaos with various bands of Islamic radicals controlling different regions of the country. In the midst of this chaos, his CIA and State Department were involved in an illegal gun-running operation out of Benghazi, Libya to supply arms to rebels in Syria.  This led to an attack on our mission and CIA annex in Benghazi which resulted in the death of our Libyan Ambassador and three Americans contracted to the CIA. Of course. the cover-up is still ongoing.

Next up for our President and his hapless State Department was the drawing of a “red line” in Syria, with what was apparently disappearing ink, only to be easily out maneuvered by Russian President, Putin. The civil war in Syria continues and Assad appears to be in no danger of being ousted. A Guardian headline reads: Iran and Assad have won in Syria.

Obama used the same disappearing red-ink against Iran’s nuclear aspirations. So far everything seems to be going in Iran’s favor. Pamela Geller writes: Obama outmaneuvered by Iran: No Deal.

More recently we find that Obama and some EU allies supported a coup in Ukraine with the hope of adding Ukraine to the NATO camp. Once again Russian President Putin was there to spoil his plans and another chaotic mess has ensued.

Lastly, we have Obama’s so-called Asian Pivot adrift in the South China Sea. Reported here we have this policy statement by Jumping Joe Biden with reference to the tensions between China and Vietnam over China drilling for oil off the later country’s coast:


That’s telling them, Joe!

In sum, a reasonable observer would conclude that President Obama has been an Unmitigated disaster on the world stage. Our allies no longer trust America and our enemies no longer fear America. Your humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in must be an unreasonable observer. I believe Barack Obama is just as pleased with the results of his foreign policy as he is with the results on the domestic front.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?








23 thoughts on “Obama _ A Foreign Policy Disaster?

  1. yes, a disaster — but note that what they say isn’t what they do — don’t act provocatively is a good rule, but when in reality you are doing just that — it doesn’t matter what you say. They have an absurd view of the world as a place just dying for a little utopianism. Literally.

    1. I’m hanggiing in there, Bunker. Thanks for the kind words. Right now, even with the prospects of big Republican surge in November, I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to keep writing. I need to stop taking politics so personnally.

  2. In principle, what you say is right on the mark. President Obama has simply lost his way when it comes to foreign policy. Today its like an aircraft carrier without a captain.

    But it wasn’t always that way, imho. Out of the gate Obama did two things I thought worth a shot. 1-Order Guantanamo Bay detention center closed. 2- Implement the “talk with your enemies without preconditions” policy. Neither worked but they were worth trying.

    Closing Guantanamo would have forced new international laws on how to deal with new age warfare and its POWs. There needs to be new international laws that apply to stateless, terrorist fighters. Locking them up forever without charge or trial isn’t the thing to do.

    The bad news is Guantanamo is still open and there new international laws to handle stateless, terrorist fighters are still forthcoming.

    The “talk with your enemies without preconditions” strategy, though naive, was worth trying to. What we were doing under George W before wasn’t working, so a fresh approach was worth trying. It didn’t work, either. To bad, Obama still hasn’t figured that out after all the times its failed.

    Obama did get Osama bin Laden and I think the world is grateful for that. Given past failures, it was a brave decision to send in Navy Seals with Pakistan’s elite military academy less than a mile away.

    Bombing Libya may or may not have been a good decision, but it did get Gaddafi and most folks would agree that’s a good thing.

    Most everything else, however, is dumber than dumb!

  3. It takes longer to perceive the impact of foreign policy than to see the impact of domestic policy. Yesterday, BHO himself declared his domestic policy a success. His definition of “better off” is clearly not the same as mine! His definition has always been the fundamental transformation of America. I think that he got that job done. **sigh**

    Only immigration reform remains. BHO will get his way on that, I think. The GOP doesn’t know how to counter Obama’s immigration plans.

  4. Glad to hear your health is improving and don’t fret your lack of being able to make the rounds. Your health is more important and we understand. I have to begrudgingly agree with your assessment of Obama’s domestic policy. Sadly he has achieved his goals. And it also seems as if he has achieved his foreign policy goals, they just did not work out so well. But I guess that depends on what his end game is…..

  5. You are on spot Jim. Before I begin my rant let me say I’m pleased to hear you’re tending to your health before all else.
    While destroying our credibility on the world stage Obama he has managed to leave us vulnerable in every sense of the word even if by happenstance. He has achieved all that those who paid for his way into the White House wanted him to do both overseas and domestically. In this manchurian candidate they have gotten more than their moneys worth. On the domestic front he has fomented an unimaginable racial divide along with class warfare, usurping public lands, de-balling our military, pissing on our veterans, wrecked our health care system and made government dependency an art form. While Bill and Hillary took with them the White House china Obama will leave behind a shell of a country ripe for Hillary to deliver the coup de gras. The american voter along with the MSM will do their best to make sure this comes to pass.

  6. Be well. That’s the most important thing! I was thinking earlier today (and often) , wondering how the Obama voters live with what they have done. But that assumes any of them have brains or care what destruction they have wrought. No sector unscathed. Alas.

      1. Hi friend. Waffling back and forth here between tired of the fight and fighting like crazy. Lately it is local bureaucrats and missing tax monies. I’ve been invited to a council inquiry into the disappearing transit grant funds on the 2nd of June.. Hopefully not for my hanging. This involves 3/4 of a million unaccounted for.
        Not just in my city, but in the state pension funds, too. Thirty billion missing there. Common core bills in our legislature this session….having to fight off the Chamber of Commerce on that….lots of propaganda and campaign contributions. So….fun and games! Otherwise, hoping you are doing well and things are ok where you are. We aren’t getting much news from your corner. Take care, Jim!!

      2. I should explain, the only reason I am invited to this council inquiry is because I wrote an op- ed exposing the discrepancy and that was published in the paper. Stuck my nose in…and that’s what I get. Ha!

  7. Good to hear you’re on the mend. Great Op-Ed! Running it at CH2.0 tomorrow morning.

    Obama was so sure that his tantalizing personality and charisma would make the world fall at our feet. On one hand he denies American exceptionalism, then on the other, he wants all the other countries to “like us.”

    BTW, Hosni Mubarak is up for embezzlement in Egypt, heard that today.

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