Remembering Those That Served?

Source: Cagle                                                                                                          H/T:  Zero Hedge



6 thoughts on “Remembering Those That Served?

  1. Our veterans needing health care must get in line behind illegals and others in this nation of government dependency. This neglect has spawned an industry of wounded warrior type “charities” with someone somewhere making a financial killing. This should be unnecessary. The taxpayer money spent on just one Michelle Obama overseas junket with her ontourage of hundreds could easily pay for the care of thousands of our deserving veterans; veterans to whom the military made a promise which it seems to treat like an Obama candidacy election lie.

  2. It’s time to blow up the VA and start all over again. It would be cheaper and better to give every vet a voucher good anywhere for medical care than to keep the VA going. I have advocated selling the VA hospitals to private concerns, and firing all the union employees not working for the VA. The current situation is not acceptable, and goes back for decades. In this case Obama is not directly responsible for the debacle, but he needs to fix the damned situation.

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