We Feel Poorer Because We Are Poorer

Today’s post complements yesterday’s post in which we talked about the faux recovery America has experienced since the so-called Great Recession of 2008. Monty Pelerin’s World has posted a graph and a chart that demonstrate clearly why most Americans are having a harder time making ends meet today than they were a decade or so ago. The following graph shows that most working
Americans have seen their nominal income increase over the last 14 years; but their real income after taxes and inflation has fallen by about 9% on average.















A fortunate few have earned promotions every three or four years and as a result their quality of life has improved. Everyone else and especially those on fixed incomes have taken a serious beating.

The Federal Reserve has been telling the public for years that inflation is a non-issue. For the average American, this chart shows clearly just how big of an issue inflation really is.


The road to the new world order is, I fear, a dark and dreary one.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?








19 thoughts on “We Feel Poorer Because We Are Poorer

  1. It’s all part of the grand lie. I believe we are in the 4th turning which began in 2007.

    Therefore within 13 years, this country can expect complete and utter upheaval and chaos. I believe the dollar will implode, hyperinflation will cure all indebtedness, and a giant reset will occur. Unfortunately, I’ll be in my mid 60’s which is not the best time to be experiencing upheaval and chaos.

    There is no stopping this. There is only preparations.

  2. There’s one way and one way only to get this country going again, and that’s with a massive eradication of progressivism.

    Welcome back Jim.

      1. You left out ol’ Ronny Raygun, CoF! How could you forget?!

        That chart of your’s takes us only back to 2000. Dial it back to the late 70’s, then take a look. We’ve had this Friedman economy for 2 generations now and all we’ve seen is the rich get a little bigger and a lot richer and everyone else stifled and stagnated. The cost of education and healthcare are economic killers, the lack of development stifles real growth as opposed to just GDP numbers, and you guys think somehow “progressivism” has brought us these social ills. Just. Plain. Stupid.


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