Obama’s Foreign Policy In One Word __ Chaos

How  could President Obama’s foreign policy be described as anything other than utter confusion and disorder? The Middle East is best example of America’s foreign policy of chaos under the Obama administration. The world is shaking its collective head at the mess Obama’s policies have made of Libya and Egypt. But, the crown jewel of chaos has to be the mess in Syria and Iraq.

To be fair, it was the previous idiot President who decided to dethrone the long time Sunni Muslim president of Iraq and allow the majority of Iraqis to elect a Shia Muslim president, who would naturally ally his country with our worst enemy in the region, Iran, a Shia Muslim nation. But then, our current Idiot-In-Chief ended the war in Iraq without getting a Status of Force Agreement (SOFA). He didn’t get the SOFA because unlike all the other SOFAs we have in the region, Obama insisted that the agreement be approved by the Iraqi Parliament instead of by decree of the Iraqi president. Had he gotten the SOFA Iran would not be using Iraqi air space to send arms and fighters to assist the Assad regime in Syria, who Obama wants to dethrone.

So, today we have a civil war raging in Syria, which as predicted by this humble observer of the asylum we all have live in and many others has spilled over into Iraq. Who is the Obama administration supporting in these two (one?) civil wars? Everyone!

Think about it. In Syria our government is arming and in some cases training Sunni Muslim militias against the Shia Muslim forces of Assad and Iran and Iraq. In Iraq, on the other hand, because their army has nearly all deserted, our government is now arming and possibly training, Shia Muslim militias to fight against the same Sunni Muslim militias we are supporting in Syria. Does that mean we are indirectly supporting the fight against Iran in Syria and indirectly supporting Iran in Iraq?

Is it any wonder why America’s influence in the region has all but disappeared?

Well, that’s what I’m thing. What are your thoughts?









15 thoughts on “Obama’s Foreign Policy In One Word __ Chaos

  1. There has NEVER been a President of the United States as dis-engaged as Barack Obama. Call it stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, or just bad manners, Obama just doesn’t have the ability or mental toughness to face problems and seek tough solutions. He is a “my way or the highway” type. As he will remind you, he won the election.

  2. And the truth is that it is intentional chaos. Ordo ab choa is the motto–order out of chaos–and Obama knows how to play the game. Create a crisis, control both sides, and achieve the predetermined outcome. It is the Hegelian dialectic on full display…

    1. Silliness. To say Carter started anything with Iran (other than hiding the Shah that Eisenhower and a Roosevelt helped install and we sustained until he was dethroned by an angry populace) is like saying ‘Obama caused the Great Recession’ or ‘Reagan started the Cold War.’


  3. Obama did not demand anything, nor should he have. It was understood from the prior administration that Iraq would be able to follow it’s own constitution in the matter which meant they had to vote on anything like that, just as our congress must vote on our treaties and such. Otherwise, it’s just a permanent occupation, something you cons seem fine with, but historically never leads anywhere good.


    1. At least with a SOFA, we would still have had some troops there which would have given pause to the insurgents in ISIS.

      Now it looks like we will be forced to go back over there…either that, or fight the jihadis on our own soil.

      1. Are you insane? Do you really think these people are going to come and fight us over here? Are you really that arrogant as to believe it is the goal of all “evil doers” to come over here and conquer America and tik yer freedoms. Just. Plain. Stupid.


      2. No I’m not insane, anymore than you are. And if you don’t think those people aren’t willing to fight us over here, you’ve got your head somewhere it shouldn’t be. You don’t think jihadis aren’t taking advantage of the chaos on our southern border? You are naive my friend and you’d better wake up.

  4. Who dares to aver our middle east policy is in shambles? Can we not all rest easier now that we’re selling Patriot Missiles and Apache attack helicopters to that bastion of freedom Qatar? We can use the $11 billion to supplement Glen Beck’s trailer loads of Poland Spring, Nikes and soccer balls to those chillins’ we have so wronged at our southern border.

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