Another Picture Worth A Thousand Words and Another MSNBC Idiot Speaks Out

A Cartoon Worth A Thousand Of My Words

Your humble observer of the asylum we all to live in was about 600 words into a post this morning and was frustrated at how the post was coming together. I took a break and decided to visit some other sites. Scrolling down through the latest posts at Zero Hedge I came across a cartoon they had snagged from libertarian cartoonist, Ben Garrison. The cartoon and Garrison’s short commentary are exactly the point I was trying to make in the post I was writing.

As he describes it – the cartoon “shows how the banking and corporate masters (crony capitalist fascists) control both major parties behind the scenes.They keep us distracted with left vs. right while giving us the illusion that voting for one of the other parties will solve things. It won’t.” It appears his ‘prophecy’ has grown more and more the reality in the past years…

Source: Ben Garrison

Now let’s move on the idiot from MSNBC and then I will tie the two subjects together… sort of.


Another MSNBC Idiot Speaks Out

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I have never watched MSNBC. For one thing, it is not available any cable or satellite tv service here in Venezuela. My only exposure has been clips posted on blogs that I frequent. This time it was Right Scoop that featured a clip of Melissa Harris Perry expounding on her theory of how to solve the illegal immigrant crisis at America’s southern border. You can checkout the 14 second clip at Right Scoop if you wish. In a word, Ms. Perry’s solution to the crisis is “redistribution“. To support her theory, she made the idiotic statement that the reason there are so few people from Nicaragua crossing our southern border illegally is because Nicaragua is a socialist country and redistributes their wealth so the poor Nicaraguans don’t have to flee to the United States.

Obviously Ms. Perry knows nothing about Nicaragua. That’s understandable. Very few Americans have any reason to be familiar with Nicaragua. But, one would think before she opened her mouth on prime time tv that she would have spent a few minutes on the internet to learn something about the country she thinks is a socialist paradise. She might have learned that in the race for the worse hell hole in the western hemisphere, Nicaragua and Haiti are neck and neck. She might also have learned that Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega is a dug addicted pedophile and a communist pig. She might have learned that the vast majority of Nicaraguans live on two dollars a day or less. And, she might have learned that one of the most common complaints heard on the streets on Costa Rica is about the Nicaraguans crossing their border illegally and taking their jobs for less money. (Sound familiar?) Does Ms. Perry really believe that the beneficiaries of Nicaragua’s redistribution of wealth live anywhere close to the quality of life that America’s welfare recipients live? What an idiot!

Ms. Perry is, unfortunately, what we often refer to as a useful idiot”. Sadly, it seems that useful idiots make-up the majority of the electorate not only in America but in all of the developed countries. I wish all of the useful idiots in this world would study and understand this graph I borrowed from this American Thinker Article.

The world is divided in two groups. In one, we have the US, Japan, Canada, and 15 European countries where the standards o living are relatively high and, the second group or all other countries where the standards of living are relatively low. One could write volumes on how the rich countries became rich and why the poor countries remain poor, or why the gap in GDP per capita has grown for forty years  or why none of the so-called BRIC countries have broken into the gap between the rich and poor countries. One could write about ideological differences and cultural differences or about the effect of the world bankers adopting the dollar as the primary reserve currency in 1971.

The author of the American Thinker article believes the gap between the rich countries and all other countries will never change. He blames it on cultural differences. He may be right if only because the GDP per capita values are sewed extremely high earnings of the 1% of the one-percenters when divided by the population of any given country. The poorer countries have higher birth rates than the wealthier countries.

If we had a metric for the median quality of life in the rich and poor countries, the gap over the last forty years might look much like the gap in the GDP per capita graph. But, the gap in the median quality of life between the and poor countries will gradually close during this century, in my opinion, and it won’t be because the quality life in poor countries will become more like ours today. Quite the opposite. The median quality of life in the rich countries will be approaching that of the poor countries. To understand why I say that, I refer you back to the above cartoon. Although the crony capitalist fascist ( not to be confused with free market capitalist) already have most of the marbles, they want more; much more. Their ultimate seems evident to me. They want a feudalistic-fascist world where they are the noble class and everyone else serves them. They own the sock puppets in seats of government and they manipulate the useful idiots across the political spectrum to their cause.

One of the problems with useful idiots is they do not recognize that they are useful idiots. They don’t realize that they are being manipulated. If they did, they might ask themselves: What’s going to happen when they are no longer deemed useful?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?










25 thoughts on “Another Picture Worth A Thousand Words and Another MSNBC Idiot Speaks Out

  1. MSNBC. It’s like the truth but only very very very different. (In the interests of full disclosure I have contact with people at MSNBC. They are all religious fanatics. Their religion is the state. They priests are Democratic politicians.)

  2. It sounds like you haven’t been keeping up with Nicaragua. The Chinese are looking to build a canal through there. The country has been relatively stable for the better part of a decade now, after all those miserable years. And you know why Nicaragua, poor as it is, has so much less violence than Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador? Nicaragua doesn’t have a close relationship with us. Seems some other countries would be wise to do the same.


      1. Just sayin’… Nicaragua is very, very poor. But so are those three other countries. What is different about Nicaragua?

        I see some differences, and I can see them from the US just as well as anyone in Venezuela.

        What I’d like to know from you is why anyone would make such a stupid insipid pointless argument as you just did?


      2. Mr. McJones…nice pseudonym by the way, we don’t want these illegal children in our country. As a people and nation, we are the most compassionate in the world. But that doesn’t mean that we should let people of other nations take advantage of our good nature.

        The law signed by Bush the second in 2008 was a badly designed law. Obama, being the “constitutional scholar” he purports to be, knew that and has used the loopholes in that law to allow the invasion of our southern border by tens of thousands of illegal children and adults.

        You can’t tell me that there haven’t been many hundreds of undesirables who have taken advantage of the chaos to slip in to do who knows what. Members of some of the most notorious gangs in the world have slipped through and are wrecking havoc as we type.

        MS 13 is the Al Qaeda of the west. They are a miserable bunch of thugs who will kill you just for the fun of watching you die. They are infiltrating cities and towns hundreds of miles away from the border.

        Sure, lets just open up the borders and give it all away. Soon, we will be a third world hell hole just like the places these people left.

        By the way,I’m not stupid or insipid, but you already knew that. 😉

      3. thatmrguy, Obama has a real problem with the OTM rules. This goes beyond the trafficking law. Congress could pass bill tomorrow that would fix all this. It’s in their court. We could be flying these kids home in pretty short order.

        I notice this Nicaragua thing just disappeared from your view, and sure enough you get right to the Drug War. The drug war is creating a lot of these problems. There’s no compassion in that sleazy police state.


    1. Jersey, when you can confirm for me that you read as many Spanish language newspapers as I do and watch as many Spanish languge television programs from as many countries as I do, then we can have a debate about who knows more about this region of the world.

      1. What kind of DB thing is that to say? How old are you?

        I worked most of my life for foreign companies doing foreign trade with foreigners. I’ve dealt with people from all over the world on a regular basis for many years. So who the hell are you again? Some guy that reads Spanish newspapers???

        Make a real argument, man. Nicaragua is poor, yes, but much more peaceful. We just don’t realize the harm we do. We just make irrelevant arguments to justify greed or hate or whatever other lesser angel inspires us at the moment. The way the Presidents opponents are playing on these refugees… just disgusting. No care at all about why all these people are leaving their countries in the first place. Not a care in the world. Shameful.


      2. How old am I? Well, I’m old enough to have greatgrandchildren in school.

        So, you worked most of your life working for foreign companies and trading with foreigners. I’m Impressed.

        You implied in your original comment that I may not be as up to speed on Nicaragua as you think you are. I tried politely to tell you you are full of it! So, let me make my point again. When you have lived and worked and traveled in this part of the world as I have and when you have much access to the news in this part of the world as I have then and only then can we have a debate about which us in the better informed about this part of the world. Got it?

  3. “In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I have never watched MSNBC.”

    We should all be so lucky. CNBC will drive you batty as well with their parade of drones parroting the same crony corporatist talking points endlessly. Of course, after the next crash they’ll be right there to guide us to which companies to invest in to try to recover our lost lifetime fortune.

  4. I can also claim to have never watched MSNBC. Of course, I don’t have a television, so there are a lot of things I haven’t watched. Methinks I am better off because of that.

  5. JIm,
    Let not the facts cloud your judgement. Nicaragua is an inspiration for all in America del sur who aspire to living in a
    hell on earth.

  6. My dear gentlemen friends, 🙂

    Don’t make eye contact, don’t engage. To do so is like stepping into quicksand. Our ‘friend’ posts comments not to discuss, but to disrupt and insult. I fall into that ‘quicksand’ too often. I try, now, to not engage, but just mock his ridiculous comments. Not very sporting, I know. 😉

    He reminds me of a couple of people on another blog I frequent.

      1. I am all for Jersey being put into place…often….firmly and with enthusiasm. 😉

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