Illegal Immigrants : Bad! _ Refugees : Good!

The internet is ablaze this morning with the news that our government is considering a plan to resolve the crisis of tens of thousands of young illegal immigrants from Central America are flooding across our southern border. Bunkerville, as usual,  has done an outstanding job on the subject.

Who would have know that such a serious problem could be potentially solved by a linguistic change. The issue of illegal immigrants has become a political hot potato in America over the last years. One attempt to put this problem to rest was to stop calling these people illegal immigrants and instead call them undocumented immigrants. The idea, I suppose, was that “undocumented” sounded less threatening than “illegal”. Unfortunately for the wordsmiths, “undocumented” didn’t catch-on like they had hoped.  Although a less threatening word, it didn’t generate any special sympathy for those wanting to live in America without permission.

But, the linguistic contortionists never rest. The new plan is to call these illegal undocumented immigrants _ drumroll please_ refugees!. Now that is a word that will play on the sympathies of well-meaning and caring Americans. How could we possibly turn our backs on people who are only seeking refuge?

From What Are They Seeking Refuge and Why America?

When we hear the word refugee, we usually think of civilians fleeing a war zone or after some major natural catastrophe. But, there are no wars going on in Central America and there have been no major earthquakes or tsunamis of hurricanes recently. So, what is driving these young people from their homelands all the way to America? We are told by those who support open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants (the Democrats, the Republican establishment, and the crony capitalist-fascists represented by the US Chamber of Commerce) that these young people are fleeing for their lives from the high violent crime rates in their countries. According to a UN agency, Honduras has the highest violent crime rate in the world (the same agency rated the country where I live as the second worst). But, this is not something new or that occurred only recently. One report I read showed graphically that the violent crime rate in these Central American countries has been flat for several years or has declined slightly. So, this argument does not explain the sudden surge of Central Americans crossing illegally into the US and there is no supporting evidence for calling them “refugees”.

Here is a question to ponder. If these immigrant/refugees were only seeking a safer environment in which to live, why make the long trek all the way to the US? Why not just flee to a neighboring country with a lower violent crime rate? In spite of the drug cartel violence, Mexico has a much lower violent crime rate than Honduras, for example. Or, why not go south to that socialist paradise of Nicaragua? Or, if the up to long treks, they have the options of seeking “refuge” in Costa Rica, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, or Argentina? In any of the countries I just named, they wouldn’t have to learn another language, and they would have much in common historically and culturally with the people of these countries. And, they wouldn’t stand out in a crowd as they will in the US.

Obviously, personal security is not the principle reason driving these people to America. They are not fleeing the violent crime in their countries as much as they are fleeing the poverty in  their countries. Although most of these people have little to no education, they are not stupid. They have heard the American government’s propaganda about the benefits of coming to America. They know what a SNAP card is and what Medicade is and what Aid to Dependent Children is, etc., and etc.

Where Will America Draw The Line?

If these young people from Central America are “refugees”, what about the young people in the country where I live? There are millions of young people here who would jump at the chance to live in the US. What about the young people in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, and Nigeria? How many immigrants/refugees will be enough for America? How will America ever be able to close the flood gates?

Historians will note some day that the once greatest nation on earth, The Republic of The United States of America, voluntarily decided to convert itself into a third world country. How insane is that?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?







21 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrants : Bad! _ Refugees : Good!

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I thought I could not read any worse Friday Dumps than I have in the past. But I was wrong. I couldn’t even think of a cogent comment in the post. Dumb founded. That damn pen means he will fly them over period. Meanwhile our Congress goes home.

  2. The logical extension of this “refugee” crisis would be to place them in gated communities nationwide where they will be safe from the violence of America’s mean streets. Of course that would be counter productive since the plan is to gerrymander the red states into blue states by flooding them with refugees from south of the border. Have no doubt, red states or not, the republicans are complicit in this charade.

  3. Great post Jim! The politically correct police are at it again, trying to influence the thinking of the masses. Orwell said it best; the revolution will be complete when the language is perfect…

  4. Not to nitpick, as recently as 7 years ago, when I still worked in immigration, refugee status was given specifically to people who were processed overseas. Those asking for shelter on US soil were given asylum status, which significantly slowed down the pass to citizenship. It was done for a reason, and I’m pretty sure it’s still the case. So no, these illegals are not refugees according to US law.

  5. It all boils down to this. The Obama administration is doing everything they can to give every advantage to the people who are coming to America illegally. Even going so far as to give them refugee status before they step foot across our border.

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