The Race Of The Human Race Won’t End Well

One of the problems with being a self-appointed observer of the asylum we all live in is that the cummulative insanity observed can be overwhelming and down right depressing. We can not escape the fact the very serious problems threatening mankind are of man’s own making… well, the making of some of them, anyway. In the “About page” here at Asylum Watch, mankind is described as composing two groups: a very small group called players and everyone else who are refered to as payers. Calling them wolves and sheeple would also be an apt description. It’s probably more politically correct to refer to them as the elites and the masses. The elites overwhelmingly dominate all positions of power the our societies. The masses, for the most part, are either totally disengaged and unaware of how they are being controlled and manipulated or they just go along to get along. The few among the masses who do resist the elites are either demonized by the elites and the rest of the masses or they are totally ignored.

There are optimists among us who will point out that mankind is in better shape today than ever in history. Today, they will claim, there is more peace and less poverty and hunger than any time in the past. How tenuous life is in this world seems to escape these optimists. Also, I’m not sure the message of more peace in the world would sell well with the mothers in Libya, Egypt, Gaza, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Ukraine nor with the mothers of US and NATO soldiers fighting abroad.

Make no mistake about it the elites like war. War for them means profits, which is why they manipulate governments to spend huge sums developing new and better ways of killing. Producing and selling armaments is profitable. Financing governments on both sides of a war is profitable. Using war to gain access to natural resources is profitable. The elites, of course do not send their young ones off to fight the wars. For that they have the masses. It must be noted that the elites and the governments they manipulate do not have infinite control over the weapons they develop and, as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction goes on, the risk of someone doing the unthinkable increases.

That there is less poverty and hunger in the world today is true enough, but those very important metrics are the result technological improvements in food production and world economic growth. Whether or not technology and resources and world economic growth can keep pace with world population growth is a big question mark.

World economic growth last been slowing down in recent years. But, much worse than that, as regular readers of Asylum Watch are well aware, the world’s economic model designed by the Too Big to Fail and Too Big To Trust banks is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that depends on ever-expanding debt (money) and ever more consumption. It s a mathematical certainty that there will be a world-wide economic collapse some day. After nearly six years of quantitative easing by the world’s largest central banks (pumping liquidity in to the banking system and, thereby, the stock markets), that “some day” feels like it is getting very close. Even thee Bank of International Settlements (BSI), the clearing house for the world’s central banks, is warning its members, in general, and specifically Federal Reserve Chairman, Janet Yellen, that it might be wise for the central banks to implement a controlled collapse, which would have relatively less collateral damage, than waiting until the markets collapse on their own in a much more painful and damaging way. The fact that the BIS is making this recommendation should be setting off alarms everywhere. Publically, Yellen is saying she sees no reason for such action. Watch what she does; not what she says. At any rate, when the collapse occurs, there won’t be much peace in the world and poverty and hunger will spread like wild fire.

There is much I’d like to say about the relationship between world population growth, the world’s finite resources, and technology, but then this post would become very long indeed. Instead, let me recommend some reading material for those who are interested in pursuing this subject.

Maybe the most entertaining way to be introduced to this subject would be to read Dan Brown’s novel,  Inferno.  The historical data that Brown uses on the rate at which the world’s population has doubled are factual and frightening. His projection into the future, however, are over the top. Although the population growth is still alarmingly high, it has slowed some from what it was in the last hundred years. In the Inferno, you will learn about the very real “transhuman movement”. (See here and here.) Brown describes the tanshumanists as a group of elite intellectuals and academics who believe that unchecked population growth will lead to the extinction of the human race. They promote using technology (genetic engineering) to make humans into something better than they are, i.e., stronger, smarter, able to live much longer…. In other words, transhumanist want to apply man-made evolution to eventually creat a post-human species. Of course, there would longer be a use for the old fashion humans. Sounds like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, doesn’t it?

I would also like to recommend that you find time to read a two part series at The Burning Platform titled , Our Totalitarian Future Part One and Part Two. The articles are long, but very readable. Interestingly enough, the articles are peppered with quotes from Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World in 1931 and Brave New World Revisited in 1958.

My Thoughts

The issue of world population growth is a subject many people do not like to think about, especially those of the political right. The issue raises too many moral, ethical, and religious dilemmas. Although the population alarmists have been wrong so many times in their predictions, continued population growth will create serious strains on societies abilities to provide the basic essentials to that growing populous. The earth’s resources are finite. And, even if we assume that technology will find a way to provide those essentials, there is one damning feature of technology that is working against the human race; that is, technology will continue to diminish the need for labor _ across the board! A growing population with dimished need of labor is a scenario that can not end well.

Rapture, anyone?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


7 thoughts on “The Race Of The Human Race Won’t End Well

  1. Glad tp here you are up and about. Starting to worry. Regarding the population thing, I don’t worry as much. With all species, nature usually takes care of over population by disease. we had the Spanish flu, plagues of various sorts. Now on the horizon even more virulent forms that can hop on a plane any day. If diseases don’t work, war usually takes care of it. Governments control unhappy overpopulation by trying a bit of expansionism.

  2. I don’t recall where I read this, but it has been said that the entire world’s population could be stood shoulder to shoulder in the confines of the state of Texas. So it’s not that we don’t have the room. And more and more resources are being discovered everyday.

  3. Excellent post Jim. Pessimist/realist/pragmatist that I am I share your concerns about the world population. And While there may be plenty of elbow room on the planet its finite resources, especially food, will reach critical mass followed by genocide, the logical extension of socialism.

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