Well Choreographed Chaos __ Iraq

Fox News _ “Earlier this week, one Iraqi in the area cried to the world, `There is no one coming to help.’ Well, today, America is coming to help,” Obama said. “We’re also consulting with other countries — and the United Nations — who have called for action to address this humanitarian crisis.” _ (emphasis added)

The “humanitarian crisis” is taking place in Iraq and is the result of the cumulative barbaric genocidal acts of  another Islamic extremist group calling themselves ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or IS (Islamic State) against non-Muslims and Muslim whose belief in Islam is in any way different from what the IS believes.

The “help” being offered by President Obama includes air drops of humanitarian supplies and he also authorized military air strikes “if necessary”.

Today’s title, Well Choreographed Chaos, was chosen yesterday before President Obama made his announcement. What I had planned, with my tin-foil hat firmly in place, was to demonstrate that the chaos we see everywhere at home and around the world, from the crisis on our southern border to the crisis in the Ukraine, to the threats to the hegemony of the US dollar by the BRIC countries, to the deliberate manufacturing of financial bubbles by the major central banks, and the chaos that has enveloped Northern Africa and the Middle East has not occurred by happenstance. With the help of another apparent member of the tin-foil hat brigade, I was going to show how all of this chaos was in fact carefully planned and orchestrated _ choreographed, if you will _  to provide cover and to provide everyone everywhere someone they can point their fingers at and blame for the world-wide financial collapse (dollar collapse) that must happen as designed. In this way no one will be looking behind the current to see who has really been pulling the levers that brought the world to its knees, the owners of the world’s largest investment banks. Then on cue when there has been enough death and bloodshed guess who will appear on their white horses to offer salvation to world with a new world reserve currency plan and, of course, that will require a more centrally planned world, which only they can do.

Now that the President has announced his plan to help those being persecuted by the Islamic State barbarians it occurs to me that maybe The Powers That Be (TPTB) behind the curtain have their prefered trigger for the coming financial collapse… runaway oil price.

If we look  back in time, it  is clear that TPTB, through their sock puppet heads of states, have been playing their game of geopolitical chess in the Middle East for a long time, at least since the early 50’s. For decades the Western heads of states supported or, at least, tolerated despot dictators in the region in order to maintain a semblance of stability and relatively cheap oil (energy) to feed the economic wonders of the West ( and later the Asian Tigers). But, let’s focus on the Bush/Obama years, because what had been a rather passive game of geopolitical chess suddenly became a much more aggressive game when President G. W. Bush decided he could couldn’t let the sleeping dog, Saddam Husein, rest.

Putting aside the mysterious weapons of mass destruction (WMD), Bush was not satisfied with destroying Saddam’s military and capturing Saddam and seeing him tried and put to death. He decided our troops had to stay and do some nation building and bring mob rule democracy to Iraq. No doubt some low-level strategic planners in the governments of the West were scratching their heads over this move because mob rule democracy in Iraq would mean the Shias would come to power and be a natural ally of Iran and that would spell trouble in the years ahead.

Now flash forward a few years and we have an unknown community organizer with Muslim ties from his youth as president, Barack Husein Obama. Mr. Obama comes into office with a clear plan to end the war in Iraq, which he did. He also announced that he wanted to  create a new era mutual cooperation and respect with the Muslim countries of the Middle East. Yeah well, that didn’t last long. (Remember that Obama too is a sock-puppet with a script to follow.) Suddenly, President Obama is determined to bring mob rule democracy to Egypt and Lybia. Then he set his sights on Syria. So, the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and probably Israel all began arming, funding, and training the Sunni Muslim militants ( can anyone spell al Qaeda? Or, is that ISIS now?) in their fight to over throw the Assad (Shia) government of Syria. Many people, including yours truly, warned that this was not a civil war in Syria but a war between the Shia and Sunni Muslim sects and that it would take long for this Shia/Sunni war to spill into Iraq.

Fast forward to today. It only took a few hours for the US Military to decide that air strikes were necessary. We are now officially fighting the same Sunni militants that we and our allies friends associates have been aiding and abetting for the last three years. How’s that for insanity??? It couldn’t possibly get any worse, right? Or, could it?

Here is an ugly thought for you. The Fox News article linked above included this:

The U.N. Security Council on Thursday condemned the attacks on minorities in Iraq and urged international support for the Iraqi government. The council said that the attacks could constitute crimes against humanity and that those responsible should be held accountable.

A very reasonable and understandable position for the UN to take, don’t you think? Sure it is. So, can anyone tell me how the UN or the US or NATO or anyone else could object if Iran decides to enter the fray with boots on the ground… to, you know, to protect all those non-Muslim minority groups from the barbaric Sunnis?

I’m have a picture in my mind of a gigantic stick of dynamite with a lit fuse in each end. If oil flow from the Iraqi fields is interrupted for any length of time, that could trigger a world-wide financial collapse and no one will be looking behind the curtain to see who orchestrated this chaos.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?




11 thoughts on “Well Choreographed Chaos __ Iraq

  1. This genocide is a horrible thing to see. But why are we intervening? If we argue that it’s in our interest, well technically the entire world is our interest. Are we going to intervene for everything? As the “most brokest” nation in the history of the Earth we have very limited resources left.

    Even if it were desirable we cannot be the world’s policeman or savior any longer.

  2. It seems to be of the utmost importance that US oil stay in the ground if this geopolitical energy driven power chess game is to continue. The available cannon fodder in the Middle East exceeds that of the trenches of WWI and continues as the distraction to the end game of world dominance by the seven sisters and the bankers.

  3. Obama showed no concern earlier — when the Christians were being beheaded and crucified at the hands of ISIS. Now there is a siege of the Yazidi. So, Obama makes a move.

    The oldie “Eve of Destruction” keeps running through my head.

    Yesterday, I interviewed IQ al Rassoli, an Iraqi (not a Muslim). We discussed the Iraq situation referred to in this blog post. If you have time, please listen to at least the first several minutes of the broadcast.

  4. One positve to the genocidal maniacs in Iraq possibly going a step to far is John McCain’s running for cover. His advocacy for arming the “Syrian Rebels” is another stain on his already disgraceful senate record. Who would have thought that a man with one good arm could create so much bad. Too bad his partner in crime Lurch didn’t ‘t go undercover with him.

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