Are Women Victims Of Their Vaginas?

Move over Sandra Fluke and make room for Jessica Valenti, a reporter for The Guardian. {A big Hat Tip to Bruce McQuain at Questions and Observations for this bit of insanity.}

Thanks to the testimony of a political plant from the prestigious Georgetown Law School, Sandra Fluke, the insurance provided by employers must provide women with FREE condoms and/or other forms of contraception. Flukes argument seems to have been that women can’t control what they do with their vaginas and according to her cost estimate of $3000 per year, women law students lose control of their vaginas a lot!

Now we have Ms. Vaalenti who believes that women’s vaginas have a RIGHT to more FREE stuff. After spending three paragraphs telling her readers about the trials and tribulations of her first period, she had this to say:

We need to move beyond the stigma of “that time of the month” – women’s feminine hygiene products should be free for all, all the time.

Sanitary products are vital for the health, well-being and full participation of women and girls across the globe. The United Nations and Human Rights Watch, for example, have both linked menstrual hygiene to human rights. Earlier this year, Jyoti Sanghera, chief of the UN Human Rights Office on Economic and Social Issues, called the stigma around menstrual hygiene “a violation of several human rights, most importantly the right to human dignity”.

In countries where sanitary products are inaccessible or unaffordable, menstruation can mean missed school for girls (UNICEF estimates 10% of African girls don’t attend school during their periods) and an increased dropout rate, missed work for women and repeated vaginal infections because of unsanitary menstrual products. One study showed that in Bangladesh, 73% of female factory workers miss an average of six days – and six days of pay – every month because of their periods.

Bruce McQuian at Q and O had access to the comments section of the Guardian article which I do not. Here is part of one man’s comment:

… Your argument is that its all a plot to make women pay for stuff they need. At the end of the day its not free because in the real world you have to pay for stuff. Your right to a hygienic lady area is no more compelling than mine to a clean backside or clean hands. You are once more guilty of making women victim’s of their vaginas.

So, now you know where today’s title came from. But, the gentleman is right, isn’t he? There is nothing FREE about these so-called RIGHTS to FREE stuff. Someone is paying for this FREE stuff. The attitude of the liberal progressives is that all right as long as I don;t have to pay for them.

We men are sooooooo fortunate not to have to bear children or suffer through thirty to forty years of monthly minstrel cycles. But, where will this nonsense stop? If a vagina has a RIGHT to hygiene products, what about a mouth or the ears or the feet for men, women, and children?

When everything is FREE, who will pay for it?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Are Women Victims Of Their Vaginas?

  1. So much for furthering true equality. Biology is what is it is, and I’m sure that over the years I paid the feminine hygiene products people more than my fair share. However, in a capitalist model, why can’t someone create jobs- and serve a genuine need- by manufacturing and selling hygiene products in third world holes?
    As to our own females residing within the gimme crowd, all I can say is, buy your own freaking Tampax and quit whining about “that time of the month.” If you want to be a “feminist,” and be on a level par with the “boys,” put on your big girl panties (AND appropriate feminine protection that YOU buy and pay for) and EARN your own living.

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