Thomas Sowell’s Great Sense Of Humor

Long time readers of Asylum Watch know that I am a big fan of Dr. Thomas Sowell. His article, Random Thoughts at Town Hall. is classic. You don’t want to miss it. He touches on such disparate subjects as the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, the differences between Democrats and Republicans, the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict, the surge of Central Americans crossing our southern border, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, sports, Obama, Iraq, and more. It was Sowell’s last entry that tickled my funny bone. I’ll be interested in your opinions.

If politics were like sports, we could ask Israel to trade us Benjamin Netanyahu for Barack Obama. Of course, we would have to throw in trillions of dollars to get Israel to agree to the deal, but it would be money well spent.

Now, it’s not that I think Netanyahu is a saint. He is, after all, a politicians. But, when it comes to statesmanship, Bibi is professional and Obama is a rank amateur. This fact was noted in some of the comments:

  • Israel “might” take the money, but would never the Obama
  • What would Israel do with trillions of US dollars (by then about enough to buy a good meal), when they would have a terrible national security risk inside their borders, probably providing intelligence to their Muslim enemies. I can’t imagine they would put him in any position in their government – they are not usually suicidal. They should not give up their star player, even for trillions of dollars.
  • I don’t think any team would trade a Hall of Fame player, for a scrub.
  • If politics were like sports, Barack Obama would have been sent down to A-ball in February 2009.

In my opinion, the following comment was the most astute:

  • as to trading Bibi for trillions and trillions of dollars, as we can see in our own country money surely does not buy character. If it did Obama would have been as good as Mr. Netanyahu.

Money doesn’t buy character, does it? Israelis elected a statesman to lead their country. Americans elected a black Rodney Dangerfield to be their leader.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?




3 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell’s Great Sense Of Humor

  1. By our electing this muslim from Kenya a scant seven years after muslims throwing down the gauntlet and and our going after them with Bushes ROE more than justifies exchanging the bald eagle for the lemming as our national symbol.

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