Eric Holder: Just Another Race Hustler?

Fifty years after the race riots and protest marches that rocked America in the sixties and the passage of numerous civil rights laws, race is still an issue in America. Sadly, America did not fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote an opinion piece on the fiasco taking place in Ferguson, Missouri. He ended his essay with this paragraph:

What will save us are not more elite and self-serving “conversations” about racial difference, but a new classically liberal effort to consider race irrelevant in our shared American culture. Perhaps if we started treating people as unique individuals and not as hyphenated and anonymous groups, we could deal with these tragic shootings as individual tragedies rather than collective conspiracies.

Clearly Hanson is right. The color of Michael Brown’s and officer Darren Wilson’s skin should be irrelevant. An incident occurred and should be fully investigated under the rules of law and let the chips fall where they may.The idea that race should be irrelevant was, of course, Dr. King’s dream. It didn’t happen and it’s not going to happen. The reason it didn’t happen can, in part, be laid at the feet of race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and a multitude black Hollywood stars; all of whom are beloved and promoted by the MSM.

Hanson took on some of the race hustlers by name. But, he didn’t mention U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder. I think he should have.

Fox News reports on Eric Holder’s recent visit to Ferguson. Holder says he went to Ferguson to make sure there was a proper investigation of possible civil rights abuse, in the case of Michael Brown. Okay, that’s certainly within his purview as Attorney General. But, Holder, of course, had more to say. For example, he said he understands why many black Americans distrust the police:

“I understand that mistrust,” Holder said. “I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man.” The attorney general then described how he was stopped twice on the New Jersey Turnpike and accused of speeding. Police searched his car, going through the trunk and looking under the seats.

“I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me,” Holder said.

Holder also described how once, while living in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, he was running to catch a movie with his cousin when a squad car rolled up and flashed its lights at the pair. The officer yelled, “Where are you going? Hold it!” Holder recalled.

His cousin “started mouthing off,” and Holder urged him to be quiet.

“We negotiate the whole thing, and we walk to our movie. At the time that he stopped me, I was a federal prosecutor. I wasn’t a kid,” he said.

Wow! Being stopped for speeding and having your car searched is humiliating? How many of us have had that experience sometime in our lives? A lot of us and it has nothing to do with race. What about two young black men running through Georgetown being stopped and questioned? Might the police not wonder if something untoward may be going on? Isn’t that part of their job? Is it racial profiling for police to react based on certain crime statistics in their area?

Eric Holder likes to runoff at the mouth on the subject of race in America. I can recall at least two times when Eric Holder called Americans a bunch of cowards that don’t want to have an honest discussion of the racial problems in America. Is he right? He may be right, actually. I’m betting there are a lot of Americans who would be uncomfortable with an “honest” discussion of race in our country….. and I’m not just talking about the small number of white supremest out there. But, Mr. Holder is implying in his statement that he is not a coward and would welcome an “honest” discussion of the issue of race. I’m not buying it! The last thing race hustlers like Holder want is an”honest” discussion of racial issues.

Any “honest” discussion of race in America has to start with those nasty things called facts; that is, statistics on crime and drugs and gangs and school performance and unwanted pregnancies and abortion and broken families and men who father children but take no responsiblity for them and etc. and etc. People like Eric Holder are very uncomfortable with these facts and will even claim that it is racist to bring them up. But, that would only be the beginning of his discomfort because, once all those uncomfortable facts are on the table, then one has to ask the question: Why? And, that question leads to the questioning of the effectiveness of all those liberal policies since the sixties that were supposed to solve America’s race problem. That, my friends, is somewhere the Eric Holder and his race hustler friends and the white liberals do not want to go. It doesn’t matter how well intended those policies were. They  have not worked!

So, Mr. Holder, an honest discussion of race in America could very well conclude that the white community needs to do some introspection of their attitudes on race, but much more importantly it would likely conclude that the black community and its leaders, like you, need to do some serious introspection on this important issue.

Who is the real coward, Mr. Holder? Or, are you just another race hustler?

Well, that’s what  I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?







19 thoughts on “Eric Holder: Just Another Race Hustler?

  1. On rare occasions, I express my thoughts and emotions through humor, even when it’s totally inappropriate:

    This piece expresses what I thought of Holder’s visit to Ferguson, MO yesterday.

    I’ve been a big fan of “The Borowitz Report” for a long time. He is probably the most gifted political humorist since Will Rogers. Steven Cobert used to be exceptionally funny pretending to be a conservative. But since Colbert outed himself he hasn’t been nearly as funny.

    Borowitz and Colbert are both hard core liberals. I think a conservative humorist is needed, so on rare occasions, I make a feeble attempt to transform into a conservative Borowitz. 😉

  2. I refer to the Georgetown incident. My sister lived in Georgetown; she and her elementary school daughter were held up at gunpoint just outside her home in that section of DC. The perpetrators were black as the white thieves were busy at the US Capitol. So there was and is ample reason to suspect an ethnically “other” than the neighborhood you are in, running, at night, two of you, might be up to no good or maybe not. Cops are supposed to be suspicious.

      1. Simple me. He sent the FBI to gather up evidence over there so we can bring that creature who murdered the reporter back to New York City. Of course, then we will be square. Fear will run through all the veins of ISIS.

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