Who Does Speak For Islam, Mr. President?

Via Bad Blue Uncensored News, I found this tweet attributed to President Obama at The Crescat that I am unfortunately unable to copy and paste. So please go to the link to see the original:

“ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim,  and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.” _ President Obama  12:24pm _ 20 Aug 2014

So, I have a question for our Commander-in-Chief and self-appointed defender of Islam. Who does speak for Islam? Recently, Mr. President, I read an article by someone claiming to be a Muslim. He said the hate spewing imans are misinterpreting the Koran by taking it literally. According to this man, where the Koran talks of forcing infidels to convert or become slaves or be killed, it means these things should be done spiritually. In other words, he said  the infidel should be converted or enslaved or killed with love; not literally. Do you think, Mr. President, that this man speaks for Islam? Because if he does, who is listening?

You said, Mr. President that the victims of the ISIL or ISIS or IS or whatever are Muslims. Is that supposed to make us feel better? Is that supposed to mean that the ISIL are not really Muslims? Well, you may believe you are an expert on Islam, but le this humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in explain some facts of life to you.. The ISIL, al Qaeda, so-called Islamic extremist, Islamists, Jihadists are practicing orthodox Islam. They follow the Koran to the letter. They are Islamic fundamentalists. They see the Muslims they are killing as false Muslims no different from any other infidel and so they forcibly convert them or enslave them or kill them as the Koran dictates.

You went on to say, Mr. President, that no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. What innocents, Mr. President? Orthodox Muslims (ISIL; et.al.) do not consider infidels, including false Muslims, to be innocents. Surely, Mr. President, you must recall how the religion of Islam was established. It was established by Muhammad and his gang at the end of their bloody swords in Mecca and Medina, was it not?

Here’s some free advice for you, Mr. President. You may want to consider giving up your self-proclaimed roll of the defender of Islam because frankly, sir, you don’t know what hell you’re talking about.

Well, that’s what I;m thinking. What are your thoughts?








12 thoughts on “Who Does Speak For Islam, Mr. President?

  1. I caught an interesting take on Obama by Tammy Bruce. Narcissists who find their bubble under attack usually decompensates. I had worried he might start some sort of erratic decision making. She opines he is becoming passive aggressive. Point in case was his going golfing to stick it to us and show his disinterest. HIs has to know his Muslim take is a lie. So now we will deal with a very angry man who will stick it to us at every opportunity.

    1. Somebody in the MSM, I forget who, actually defended Obama for golfing because he said by being calm enough to go golfing he showed ISIS that they could not get to him. Or something along those lines.

  2. The beheading of Daniel Pearl sent ostriching Americans in search of the truth about Islam. I think that the beheading of James Foley will do the same. On Facebook, I’ve already seen evidence of some awakening.

  3. AOW I wish I could agree with you but look at the 2008 and 2012 elections, hear the quiet from the feminists, listen to AG Holders hubristic declaration that his blackness will be decisive in his supposed search for justice in Missouri, ponder the election and overwhelming support for despicable creatures like Elizabeth Warren- and now a presidential hopeful along with presidential certainty daughter of Alinsky Hillary Clinton, the Jewish elite for Obama. Look at that aberration of a secretary of state Kerry who followed that aberration of a secretary of state Hillary Clinton etc etc etc. How many of us even remember 9/11/2001? The 2008 election of the muslim Obama a mere seven years after that horrific tragedy was the tipping point from which our dumbed down nation, brain washed by the MSM and all of academia from pre-k to the colleges, appears not to be able to recover from.

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