Uncontrolled Immigration __ Is It Selfish Not To Want To Commit Suicide?

President Obama wants amnesty for illegal immigrants and he is threatening to use Executive Orders to make it happen if Congress doesn’t act. Democrats want amnesty and so do many Republicans and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It’s only those heartless conservatives that want to throw the illegals out. Bloomberg News believes that trying to control the border is “Borderline Crazy”. Even Zero Hedge has a long article in which the author believes he has debunked all the reasons conservatives have to be against amnesty. The truth is, however, that immigrants, both legal and illegal, are replacing Americans in the workforce at an alarming rate.  If that’s not bad enough, the robots are coming to take your jobs.

I’ve written several posts on the impact that robotics and software will have on the jobs market of the future. Please go to the last article link above and take the time to watch a very well done video  “showing the encroachment of robots and automation ever further into the modern workplace”.  The video is 15 minutes long and even though most Asylum Watch readers are of an age they may not be directly impacted by robots and automation, I encourage you to down load this video and insist that your children and grandchildren watch it and think about the implications this trend will have on their lives. If the producers of this video are right, and I believe they are, they will see in the not to distant future that unemployment rates of 30% or 40% or more will be the new normal.

Robotics and automation are inevitable. But, uncontrolled immigration does not have to be inevitable. The last thing America needs is millions more low skilled immigrants competing for the jobs tat robots and automation don’t take  away.

Americans should not be expected to commit economic suicide.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?





15 thoughts on “Uncontrolled Immigration __ Is It Selfish Not To Want To Commit Suicide?

  1. Actually they’re coming here to nation build. Why here in New Jersey we have quite a few new nations established sinceThe Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. We can thank Representative Emanuel Celler of New York, Senator Philip Hart of Michigan, and that alcoholic visionary Senator Ted-the swimmer- Kennedy of Massachusetts for this abortion. These three paragons of liberal stupidity must be laughing their asses off from whatever level of Dante’s inferno they occupy.

  2. My neighbor had his roof replaced. Of course my car was damaged in the process. I guess you can guess where I am going with this. When attempting to speak to them I was told no one speaks english “Sorry no Engleee” something like that. The cost replace the roof I found out was a pittance. My car, not so lucky. No name on truck, out of state plates. You got the drift. Kiss that job goodbye to an American worker.

    1. That is funny Bunker, I just had my roof replaced today and only one of them spoke any English. As they were leaving I asked about paying and one just shrugged his shoulders and said to call the contractor in very broken English. I still don’t know how to pay, I guess they will contact me. But I expect to encounter this more and more in the future once all of these illegals are granted amnesty.

  3. I just now heard that Ohmbama Ω over the next few days plans to grant amnesty to five million illegals through executive orders. Using the Gentle Giant’s funeral today as the backdrop was another stroke of genius as the black community, with 50% unemployment, is some areas of the country, continue to bow at Zero’s alter along with the Washington elites. Too bad we don’t have a process like let’s say impeachment to take this failure to task.

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