A Muslim Proposes The Only Reasonable Way To Deal With ISIS

Fox News has a video clip on their home page today from the Kelly File, in which she is interviewing an American? Muslim on the question “Are Muslims doing enough to combat ISIS”.

His response to the question was a resounding no! He then went on to point that many Muslim organizations and Muslim leaders from the Muslim world are speaking out against ISIS every day; but he admitted that’s not enough. When Kelly point out that the only countries talking about going to Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS are non-Muslims countries, he said it should be the UN peace keeping forces that take on ISIS and the majority of those forces should be from Arab countries.

Yes! This is what Asylum Watch has been saying for a long time. It’s high time the US and others stop being the proxy warrior for the Arab countries. I hope Obama and his NATO counter parts are listening.

It’s a rare day indeed when I find myself agreeing with a Muslim and with the UN.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?





12 thoughts on “A Muslim Proposes The Only Reasonable Way To Deal With ISIS

  1. I’m for that everywhere; let those affected fight it out among themselves. This idea that the US not only ought to but should be forced to be the air force for every disaffected group has to stop. But I’m all for the Moslems defeating ISIS.

  2. Unfortunately, the Muslim in the White House doesn’t agree with you. It may be a moot point anyway once ISIS brings the war here. Of course, even if ISIS rams those missing 11 Libyan airplanes into our cities on 9/11, Obama may just trot out Holder to investigate it as a criminal act. Or would he just leave it to the U.N. to handle it?

    One things for sure. If ISIS attacks us, Americans will unite once again like post-9/11 which will open the door for another massive stripping of our liberty. DHS on steroids.

    Wouldn’t that provide an opportunity for our Community Organizer-in-Chief to shine? He could organize all of our heavily armed government agencies that have nothing to do with national defense to go door to door searching for the bad guys.

  3. Absolutely the best course of action. Short of a multinational [and regional] approach, I’m not sure why the petulant and whining GOP doesn’t hold a roll call vote for a declaration of war against IS….and force the Administrations hand.

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