What? Me, Worry?


Here in the land of 21st century socialism, where I live, it was clear to about 40% of the population in 2002 that the country was coming apart at the seams. There were mega-protests by the opposition in the streets of the capitol and in all the major cities. Foreign news media were here in abundance and reporting on the crisis. The president at the time and other high officials would take to airwaves and say day after day ” ¡Aqui no passa nada!” (Here? Nothing’s happening here). The opposition protestors were quick to turn that phrase in their own meme. At their gathering points, where they had public address systems set up, a speaker would go through a litany of problems afflicting the country and then the crowd, in a loud but snarky whisper would repeat rythmically: Aqui no passa nada. Of course, the nest day the regime would bus in their counter-protestors from around the country who would yell with angry faces:¡ Aqui  no passa nada!

I remember that every time I saw the President or one of his hacks say: “¡Aqui no passa nada!”, the image of Alfred E. Neuman would come to mind. And, when I saw the government supporters shouting the same meme, I would say to myself : “These people have their heads in the sand.”

These days, as this humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in makes his daily observations of important trends in America and in the world, that same image and thought comes to his mind. When our President speaks, when other world leaders speak, when I listen to the talking heads in the media all telling us everything is “just fine”, I see Alfred E. Neuman. As for the bulk of the people in this asylum, they either can’t see or refuse to see what should be obvious to them _ they have their heads in the proverbial sand.

Let’s look a three simple trends shown graphically that I borrowed from to Zero Hedge articles here and here.

The next time someone repeats the message from one of America’s Alfred E. Neumans that Obama’s policies have put people back to work and the economy is doing fine, show them this graph, which clearly shows the opposite to be true.

You can also explain to them that what little improvement there has been in the last few years is mostly due to gains in low-income and part-time jobs.

If it seems to you that there are a lot more stupid people in the world today than you remember there being twenty years ago, you may be right. Also, if it seems the US/NATO are always looking to pick a fight, you would be right again. Looking at the next two trend lines together paints a scary picture indeed.



Source: MailOnline, University of Hartford.




Source: SIPRI.

(a) Based on NATO expenditures (in 2011 constant US$), the longest data series publicly available.

It would seem from this simple graphics that any humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in that the world is not fine. But, the majority of the world’s leaders and the most of the masses say otherwise:

What? Me, worry?


¡Aqui no passa nada!

I can only conclude that we live in an Alfred E. Neuman world.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?
















11 thoughts on “What? Me, Worry?

  1. The pieces continue to fall into place as the lefts incrementalism reaps dividends. Pot is legal, our schools are failing while the left’s agenda more and more becomes gospel, our personal behavior becomes fodder for workplace disciplining and sanctioning, our govermental system of checks and balances has become a joke as the congress cowers in the face of one man – or is it one woman- rule eminating from the White House, most employment and ecomomic data out of DC is either suspect or outright lies, a family of four with a gross income of $80,000 is left with $52,000 net to budget on. There is literally no end to the socialist’s wish list reaching fruition.

    1. A whole lot of people who have supported these policies for are going to wake up some in a whilrwind of feces an wonder what the hell happened and why. They will never understand that they brought it on themselves as well as everybody else.

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