Some Surprises In The News and Some News That’s Not Surprising

Some people like surprises and some don’t. But, surprises happen whether we like them or not.

Here are few things I found surprising in recent news stories:

1. Remember flight MH 17 that was downed over eastern Ukraine back in July? After weeks of US and European leaders blaming Russia for downing the plane and causing the death of 298 passengers and crew and Russia vehemently denying the charge and calling for an international investigation into the cause of the crash, the public still has no “official” answers. So, it was surprising to read that lawyers for the families of the German victims have filed a law suit seeking € i million ($1.29 million) for each victim. But, it is not Russia they are suing. It’s the Ukraine. _ Read more at Fox News 

2. The ISIS has mapped out a five year plan. Take a look.








Makes you wonder what their 15 year plan looks like. _ Read more at Jihad Watch

3. The America puppet President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, is finally leaving office after thirteen years of war. Did he praise America in his farewell speech for trying to bring peace to his country. Not exactly. He said things like: “We don’t have peace because the Americans didn’t want peace…” and “The war in Afghanistan is to the benefit of foreigners. But Afghans on both sides are the sacrificial lambs and victims of this war.” Okay. So that’s not surprising. The guy has always been a jerk. What struck me as surprising in the Fox New story was the death statistics of this seemingly never-ending war. According to the article, more than 2200 US forces have died in the war and the UN estimates some 8000 Afghan civilians have died in the conflict. Those are horrendous numbers and our hearts go out to all who have suffered from these loses. As bad as the death toll has been over the 13 years, think about the death toll, now over 3000, due to Ebola pandemic in west Africa in just a few months and now the CDC is estimating that the number could go to 1.4 million by the end of year. We had better hope the Ebola War doesn’t go on for thirteen years.

4. Asylum Watch is prophetic! Now, that’s surprising. On Monday, President Obama was flown in his helicopter to UN meeting in New York. As he disembarked Marine One he a cafe latte salute to the Marine Honor Guards. My friend, Steve Dennis, of the great  America’s Watchtower blog, was less than impressed with the President poor form. In response to a comment, Steve Wrote:

Sickening to say the least! His supporters will claim he had a lot on his mind and was distracted, yet is not that the case of all presidents? And we have never seen anything like this before, it goes beyond being distracted.

I replied to him:

He’s got a lot on his mind, all right. He’s trying to come up a plan to skip out of UN chicken dinner and head to to the golf course.

The last night I came across this a Zero Hedge under the heading It could be worse:

Secretary of State John Kerry takes over at The United Nations Security Council session as President Obama heads to another meeting (or tee-time?)


Maybe I should take my act on road?


When it comes to President Obama, there are few things that surprise us anymore. He can be very predictable. So, while the most important issue before this UN meeting is how to deal with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), I was not surprised learn what the President had to say about Islam.

…the United States will never be at war with Islam. Islam preaches peace. Muslims the world over seek only to live with dignity and a sense of justice.

And when it comes to America and Islam, there is no ‘us and them,’ there is only us because millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.

_ Read more at Doug Ross @ Journal

The man is like a broken record. You all do remember what record was, right? Apparently, his understanding of the Quran is on par with his understand of the US Constitution. He must have missed this part:

‘I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them!” – Quran 8:12.”

So, tell me again who we are at war with, Mr. President?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


11 thoughts on “Some Surprises In The News and Some News That’s Not Surprising

  1. You dare criticize THE OBAMA? Racist! OBAMA and PEACE are the same word. We are all lucky to breathe in the same air our Lord and Savior does. Many lovers of the constitution have wanted to see what we see but haven’t. We are indeed lucky.

  2. Ali baba boo boo’s five year plan for ISIS domination is very do -able. Attack the US at just the right time, Obama declares marshall law, retains power and brings the air force home. What’s the problem?>

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