Barack Obama _ America’s “Buck Passer-In-Chief” Still Searching For Moderate Muslims To Arm And Train

America’s Buck Passer-In-Chief never takes responsibility for anything unless it is something that has good political optics and then, of course, he claims to have done it all by himself. If the issue has negative optics, Obama has a ready list of others to blame or he will claim he only just learned of the issue from watching the nightly news on TV. (Apparently his highly paid staff never tell him anything.)

So, when the President was questioned by reporters about how the ISIS could “suddenly” become such a force in Syria and Iraq, he didn’t hesitate to blame his intelligence agencies for underestimating the ISIS. When it became obvious that neither the reporters nor the public were buying history, we were treat to a six-year first in Obama’s presidency. To our shock, the word “We” apparently appeared several times on his teleprompter. Does that mean he is accepting some of the blame? Will wonders never cease? Well, there actually is no mystery in this apparent change in the President’s behavior. You see, someone in “his” intelligence apparatus didn’t take kindly to his lie directed at them and so the truth was leaked to the media, which, for once, actually reported on it. Even the Daily Mail from across the big pond ran the story:

  • A national security staffer in the Obama administration said the president has been seeing ‘highly accurate predictions’ about the rise of the ISIS terror army since ‘before the 2012 election’
  • Obama insisted in his campaign speeches that year that America was safe and al-Qaeda was ‘on the run’
  • The president said during Sunday’s ’60 Minutes’ program that his Director of National Intelligence had conceded he underestimated ISIS
  • But the administration aide insisted that Obama’s advisers gave him actionable information that sat and gathered dust for more than a year
  • ‘He knew what was at stake,’ the aide said of the president, and ‘he knew where all the moving pieces were’
  • Obama takes daily intelligence briefings in writing, he explained, because no one will be able to testify about warning he president in person about threats that the White House doesn’t act on

That last bullet speaks volumes about our Buck Passer-In-Chief, doesn’t it?

But, the President will not dwell on this insignificant issue. He is surely privately celebrating that after more than two years of waiting, he finally has his excuse to bomb Syria. As Asylum Watch reported yesterday, the President has the Pentagon busy trying to find some “moderate” Muslims they can arm and train to help them fight the ISIS on the ground. General Dempsey says this time they will do some serious vetting of those they arm. Good luck with that, General. One of the reasons the ISIS seems to have grown so fast and seems so well armed and trained is that a large percentage of the Iraqi Army deserted and joined the ISIS and the took all of the US supplied arms and equipment with them, of course.

Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t the US forget about putting their trust and arms in the hands of any Muslims and instead, provide those arms and supply to the only group in the region that  has shown any initiative and willingness to fight these animals successfully. That would be the Kurds (Iraqi Kurds). Surely, Mr. President, you have heard about them on the nightly news broadcasts. It was the Kurds that drove the ISIS away from the dam at Mosul  and helped thousand of persecuted minority groups to escape the ISIS. The Kurds have done all of this while being woefully out matched by the much better equipped jihadists. So, the impoverish Kurds have had to improvise with busses, tractors and bulldozers in a  “Mad Max” style, as Zero Hedge has reported with some photos:



Now those are some determined fighters and they deserve to be supported by the US instead of Muslims that can not be trusted. It makes one wonder if our Buck passer-In-Chief really wants to defeat the ISIS or does he have some other agenda he is not telling us?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


15 thoughts on “Barack Obama _ America’s “Buck Passer-In-Chief” Still Searching For Moderate Muslims To Arm And Train

  1. Yes, the template of war, as I call it, is now in place. All that was needed was a cover and a pretext. Later they will rewrite the history in which the left will connive, because the believe in “regime change” (but never war!)

  2. Your question Jim is rhetorical of course; for me at least. I have already decided his intention is not to defeat ISIS but do what he must to placate the great unwashed-us.

  3. Hmmm.. I have a different take on the “we” maybe he believes he is royalty and hence the consistent “we”. For all out there American Economics are OF THE THIRD WORLD. There is no doubt since 1998 it has been a down hilll ride that no one and nothing can stop. He
    is just the last in line to fleece Americans and BTW… watch out the final fleecing starts Jan 1 2015 with the change in the Fed laws.. Hmmm. again…

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