Zombies Among Us Thanks To The Voodoo Of Central Bankers

It is Halloween and so it is fitting that we reflect on the zombie companies that ambulate among us because the Federal Reserve (and other central bankers) continues to inject them with regular doses of interest free money (ZIRP), which makes them appear to be alive. “Zombie company” is a media term for a company […]

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The Mean Nanny (State)

The Nanny, when referring to the State, is about much more than making silly rules about the size of soda-pop you can buy or whether a church organization is allowed to give food to the hungry, because the Nanny can’t be sure the food is healthy. The Nanny State is above all else the ultimate […]

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What Is The EPA’s Real Agenda?

Most Americans probably believe that the EPA has the thankless job of trying to protect the environment and the good people of these United States from those that would pollute the air and the waters of our nation; so vital to our health and well being, whether knowingly or unknowingly. That, of course, was their […]

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Movie Sequels Are Generally Worse Than The Original. What About Financial Bubble Sequels?

Are you ready for Sub-Prime Mortgage Bubble _ The Sequel? You’re probably thinking you still haven’t recovered from the 2008 original. Well, if Mel Watt gets his way, the sequel will be coming to a neighborhood near you soon. Who is Mel Watt? He was named by President Obama last year to be Director of […]

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