Federal Government’s Actions To Protect America From Ebola Is Worse Than Pathetic

Our government’s response to the potential threat of Ebola spreading throughout America is not just pathetic. It is careless and dangerous. Our government has, under Obama, lost all credibility with public and with good reason. They do not know how to tell the truth. They do not know how to be genuine.

Government officials, from the President to the head of the CDC, have gone on every talk show possible trying to talk down any reason for panic over the threat from Ebola. I understand that. Uncalled for panic serves no one’s interest. But, constantly lying and/or over estimating our nation’s preparedness and  ability to control and contain an out break of Ebola does not serve anyone’s interest either.

Fox News-Latino ran a story a few days ago that received far too little attention. The article relates that the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency reports that “between January and July of this year, at least 71 people reportedly arrived from the three West African nations hit with the current Ebola outbreak.” Now, that does not mean these 71 people arrive since Ebola pandemic in those countries. But, think about this: 71 is the number they know about! How many more have crossed and continue to cross the border that they don’t know about? This admission by the CBP is stunning news! It should be in headlines all across the country; but it is not.  I wish that was the worst part of this story. But, sadly, the worst part of this story is the absolutely asinine responses given by government officials. Let’s take a look:

“CBP and the CDC have closely coordinated to develop policies, procedures, and protocols to identify travelers that are known by U.S. public health officials to have a communicable disease and to handle in a manner that minimizes risk to the public,” Jennifer Evanitsky, a spokeswoman for the CBP told Fox News Latino in an emailed statement.

Seriously, Ms. Evanitsky? You have coordinated procedures and protocols along our borders? SINCE WHEN! There is an extreme lack of controls at our borders, Ms. Evanitsky! Your boos, President Obama, is openly inviting people from south of the border to enter our country illegally and you want to talk about your controls and protocols? Her idiocy didn’t stop there:

While the CBP did not mention in its statement how it plans to monitor undocumented immigrants for the virus, the agency did say that it has been on the watch for anyone showing overt signs of the illness and all officers have been trained on how to identify a prospective Ebola patient.

“When a traveler or alien is identified with a possible communicable disease or identified from information that is received from the CDC, CBP personnel will take the appropriate safety measures by donning personal protective equipment, to include gloves and surgical masks, which are readily available for use in the course of their duties,” Evanitsky said. “The traveler would be isolated from the traveling public while the CDC and local public health authorities conduct an evaluation.”

I’m sorry, Ms. Evanitsky, but I don’t think Americans are very impressed by your “protocols”. “Glove” and “surgical masks” are hardly an adequate response.

Dear readers, I want to highly recommend that you read this article titled Do The Math. You will learn that although Americas has some of very best facilities and trained medical staffs in the world for dealing with a virus like Ebola, once the number of cases exceeds a couple of dozen, our abilities soon become overwhelmed.

Here’s the real problem facing America, which is not being faced by our “leaders”. If the CBP is aware that 71 people from the countries most affect by Ebola in West Africa have crossed our southern border since January, one has to wonder how many people from this region are currently i Central America and Mexico and how many more are arriving to that region with intent to make it across our border? If some of them bring the Ebola virus with them and the is an out break in Mexico and/or Central America, by the time it becomes international news, we will likely already have many of them in our country.

Americans need to know that their government is aware of the potential threat and is doing everything possible to prepare for the eventuality.  Unfortunately, have been given no reason to believe that our government is aware and preparing.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?






8 thoughts on “Federal Government’s Actions To Protect America From Ebola Is Worse Than Pathetic

  1. Our open borders policy is downright dangerous. In addition to criminals and terrorists being able to slip over the border we now have to worry about disease. It makes you wonder what the regime is really up to…

  2. With the advent of President Obola’s Ebola open door policy all polls show democrat senatorial candidates moving ahead in their prospective races. Anyone who seriousely believes the American people are not as suicidal as they are lazy, complacent, apathetic and just garden variety stupid needs a reality check.

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