Obama Doctrine: When Everything You’re Doing Is Wrong, Keep Doing More Of The Same

To be fair, this doctrine didn’t start with Barack Obama. He just made a more precise science out of it. It is not hard to see the evidence of my assertion. The laundry list of examples could go on and on. Here, for your reading pleasure, is Asylum Watch”s  short list of what the Obama administration has screwed up and continues to screw up. Please forgive me if the list seems disjointed.

  1. After six years of economic “recovery”, has the percentage of Americans of working age with jobs increased or decreased while the governments touted unemployment figure has decreased? It’s at a thirty-two year low.
  2. Has average income increased in Obama’s six years? No, most of the jobs created have been low-income or part-time jobs.
  3. How’s that low inflation working for you at the supermarket?
  4. Has the cost of health care gone down or up since ObamaCare?
  5. After the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, the VA scandal, the Secret Service scandals, the NSA spying, and the DOJ spying on reporters, do you have more or less trust in your government?
  6. Might NASA be better off using its own rockets to go into space (instead of depending on Russia) than claiming its primary mission is to reach out to Muslim nations?
  7. Are race relations better or worse after six years of Obama?
  8. Is Obama’s Open Border policy helping or hurting the US economy?
  9. Will amnesty for X? millions of illegal immigrants help or hurt employment opportunities in America?
  10. Does Obama’s Open Border policy help or hinder the flow of illegals into our country? Does it help or hinder the flow of illicit drugs into our country? Does it help or hinder the flow of terrorists into our country? Does it help or hinder the flow of Ebola infected people into our country?
  11. Does refusing to use the word “Islam” withe the word “terrorists” make us safer or less safe from acts of terrorism?
  12. Does claiming the Islamic State is not Islamic make them any less  Islamic?
  13. How’s that “Re-set” with Russia working out?
  14. How’s that “democracy” working out in Libya and Egypt?
  15. How is Obama doing at bring those Junior Varsity militants, ISIS, under control with his bombing in Iraq and Syria? By the way, according to Judicial Watch, four of those Junior Varsity militants were arrested in Texas in the last 36 hours.
  16. How’s the wind-down of the war in Afghanistan going after six years of Obama? Would it surprise you to know that of the 20, 000 American warriors wounded in Afghanistan, 90% happened on Obama’s watch?

So, there you have it. The Obama Doctrine is clearly a deliberate plan to do what doesn’t work and then repeat the process.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


11 thoughts on “Obama Doctrine: When Everything You’re Doing Is Wrong, Keep Doing More Of The Same

  1. So then Jim what you’re saying is that everything is going according to his plan. If only we could give him another four years his program for fundamentally changing America may be completed. With his impeccable track record as regards his stated goals he need not worry about his legacy. The only questions remaining are once he’s out of office and out of the daily glaring spotlight will he be able to sneak ciggies behind Mooch’s back and will she be able to go back to buckets of fried chicken and mashed taters and biscuits?

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