42% Of Americans Are Brain-Dead _ Or Is It 52%?

I say they  are brain dead because, try as I may, I can’t come up with a better explication of why President Obama’s approval rating, in spite of his narrative coming unraveled everywhere you turn, is stuck rock solid at 42%. I can’t tell you how many times over the last several months I’ve read headlines claiming that Obama’s poll numbers are at an all time low. Every time I immediately click on Real Clear Politics, which maintains an average of all polls, and scroll down to segment on polls, and, sure enough, the President’s approval rating is still 42%. That number varies by no more than a half of a percentage one way or the other, month after month. It’s very possible that I am under stating the percentage of Americans that are brain dead because those average poll results show only 52% disapproval rating. That means there are 10% per cent who are undecided about how well Mr. Obama is doing. How can 52% of Americans not recognize that Barrack Obama is the worst excuse for a president America has ever had to suffer????

With 52% of Americans brain-dead, it’s really hard to be positive about the future of our once great nation.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


10 thoughts on “42% Of Americans Are Brain-Dead _ Or Is It 52%?

    1. “Perhaps Kerry should take his head out of the clouds and take a hard look at the stark reality on earth that we are facing today. Think Ebola and global jihad for starters.” _ from the linked article

      I’m sorry but Kerry’s head is not in the clouds. He has his head in a very foul smelling place and I do believe it is permanently stuck there.

  1. I wonder though if the polls are accurate as far as the responses. Maybe the tried and true Obamabots feel obligated to reply in the affirmative regardless of their personal thoughts. At least we will know this November. Last train out.

  2. I think they just figure he’s a lot better than the alternative. I’d still vote for Obama over Romney or McCain any day, and certainly only a masochist or amnesiac would want another GOP one-party state.


    1. Jersey! It’s good to hear from you. I was worried about you. I hope you’ve been well.

      My regular readers know that I am no fan of the GOP. You must really hate America to say you’d vote again for Obama, after all the damage he has done to this country. McCain would have been a horrible president. Romney would have been much better than Obama, which isn’t saying much.

  3. The congress is not brain dead. One must have a brain to start with in order to be brain dead. Ditto for the the voters. Whether or not Obola campaigns for the democrat candidates the fake war on women along with republicans killing old people and babies and denying free birth control pills takes precedent over ISIS, Ebola, jobs and the economy along with the multitude of crisis Obola and his administration lap dogs have engendered. Our beloved JMJ is case in point.

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