What Is The EPA’s Real Agenda?

Most Americans probably believe that the EPA has the thankless job of trying to protect the environment and the good people of these United States from those that would pollute the air and the waters of our nation; so vital to our health and well being, whether knowingly or unknowingly. That, of course, was their original mandate and, in the early years of the EPA’s existence, that’s pretty much what it did. Then things began to change. Slowly at first and then anything but slowly. Arguably, no other agency of our government has overreached its mandate than the EPA. The hidden costs of this overreach has needlessly driven up your cost of living and has had a negative impact on jobs growth and on the economy in general by making US companies less competitive in this global economy.

The EPA is able to get away with this overreach because Congress has almost no control over regulatory bodies like the EPA. To understand how the EPA became the regulatory predator that it is, you need to understand the concept of “regulatory capture” and once the EPA was captured by environment zealots, connived the diabolical means of bypassing Congressional oversight and public hearings with something called “sue and settle“.

Our friend, AZ leader at Inform The Pundits has recently post an essay that demonstrates a clear example of the EPA promulgating a costly regulation that is not necessary. Do read the entire article. It is very informative. For now, let me offer some observations and then I’ll share some excerpts from AZ’s post.

The UN’s global warming/climate change hoax will likely turn out to be the most costly and harmful scam ever perpetrated on mankind. One need only look at the terrible being paid by our cousins in Europe are paying for falling prey to this hoax. Although the US Congress has never agreed to any treaty in implement the UN”s demands for reducing carbon out put, the plans were put into effect anyway by then President, Bill Clinton. Of course, the captured EPA wasted no time in dreaming up ways to force you, at what ever cost, to comply with these unnecessary regulations. Ironically, the United State has done better at achieving the UN’s goal for carbon reduction than any other country and it wasn’t because of a mountain of new government regulations on power plants and the type of light bulbs you use. The reductions were achieved through the innovation of the private sector in producing ever more cheap natural gas, which is in turn replacing high carbon producing coal use in our nations power  plants. But, the EPA, apparently, is not interested in the facts. they passed their Clean Power Plan anyway.

From the Inform The Pundits article we learn:

The annual “U.S. Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide EmissionsREPORT for 2013 was released today by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The United States has reduced CO2emissions by 10 percent since 2005. At the current pace the U.S. will reduce CO2 emissions 30 percent by 2029, one year ahead of the EPA’s proposed plan.

There is no need for a government mandated plan that will drive up electric rates for the average family when the proposed goal is already being met by the private sector.

Further more, Inform the Pundits points out that the US private sector has a long history of reducing the intensity of carbon out put:

A commonly held misconception is “decarbonization” is a brand new concept and it’s something that countries need to pursue, but are not doing so now. Decarbonization simply means to remove carbon. Decarbonization, contrary to popular belief, has already been happening in a big way for over 100 years.

The most important form of decarbonization is reducing the amount of CO2-generating energy needed to power an economy. In other words, produce the same amount of goods and services with fewer carbon emissions.

According to today’s EIA report, in the last 65 years the United States has reduced the amount of CO2 emissions needed to produce $1 million worth of GDP, adjusted for inflation, from 1,099 metric tons to just 343 metric tons. That’s a whopping 69 percent drop since 1949!

In the $16 trillion dollar U.S. economy it amounts to 21 billion metric tons of decarbonization savings in 2013 alone. That’s about 22 times more than the 954 million metric tons promised in the Clean Power Plan by the year 2030.

So, why is the EPA pushing a costly plan that clearly is not needed? We can only surmise that the EPA bureaucrats have some other agenda that is driving them. As a proud member of the tin-foil-hat brigade, your humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in has a theory on the real agenda of the EPA and other government agencies. Their hidden agenda is a long-term plan to implement the UN’s Agenda 21 and to bring about a new world order (NWO). For those not familiar with Agenda 21, reading these three sources will are a good place to start your learning process: here, here, and here.

A very important part of the strategy of Agenda 21 is to encourage (read force) to leave rural areas and suburbs and to go to high density population centers. One of the ways the EPA can achieve this goal is to drive (candidate Obama said skyrocket) of electricity by any means necessary. Once the electricity price has the public screaming for relief, there will begin a propaganda campaign to convince the public that the high cost is due to the enormous line loses that occur because electricity is pushed through thousands of miles of power lines to serve the rural communities and the suburbs. They will promote moving the now clean gas burning power plants into the major cities and people will flock to the cities to avoid the onerous electricity cost associated with living outside of the cities. Once that is achieved, then come the access and use restrictions on rural lands. The minions will be stacked and packed in the high density population centers and only the oligarchs and the political elites will be able to enjoy now pristine countryside.

No, this will not happen in the next year or two. The socialist/Marxists are very patient and are accustomed to playing the long-game. Your grandchildren or for sure your great-grandchildren will live to see the fruits of Agenda 21 unless it can be stopped. Who is going to stop it? Will the GOP, if they gain control of Capitol Hill, roll back decades of bad regulations and laws? Don’t count on it. The real power in America belongs to the unelected bureaucrats. In my opinion, today’s federal bureaucracy is the closest thing I know of to a perpetual motion machine.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?







13 thoughts on “What Is The EPA’s Real Agenda?

  1. It’s the nature of government to grow in power to quote Herbert Hoover. From a noble beginning to protect the environment from pollution this monster now has it’s own f*cking SWAT team.

    In the immortal words of our Declaration of Independence: He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    1. You are right. We need the EPA. Unfortunately, curbing CO2 has nothing to do with keeping the environment clean. The EPA is in error with the Clean Power Plan.

      CO2 is a colorless, odorless gas that makes plants grow and has no known human health effects. More CO2, more plant growth, more food production. Since the start of the industrial revolution CO2 has increased by only one molecule in 10,000 molecules of Earth’s atmosphere. Its planetary warming effect is greatly exaggerated by the United Nations.

  2. That’s the scheme, all right. I’d like to see some worthy member of Congress stand up and demand an end to EPA independence and put it under strict controls — no more issuing of regulations without review and approval through some mechanism.

  3. New Jersey has become an overpopulated overtaxed over regulated for the mist part shithole (Atlantic City anyone?) Once the Garden State our only claim to fame these days is lower inflated gas prices at the pump than in most states. And as one of the pioneer states of bringing in and welcoming anyone with a latino surname since the 1950’s NJ will be overwhelmed once Obola’s amnesty is shoved up our collective asses. Agenda 21 now there’s an idea…

  4. A 100% hoax is a pure fabrication. Human-caused global warming theory does not fit that definition.It isn’t baseless. These items are true:
    1-Earth’s temperature has increased by about +0.8 degrees C since 1880
    2-Arctic Ocean sea ice extent is just under 40% what it was in 1978
    3-CO2, a greenhouse gas, is up from 280ppm to 400ppm, mostly caused by human activity
    4-AGW theory is a credible concept based on science

    That being said, the supposed effects of human-caused global warming are grossly exaggerated:
    1-Evidence of increased extreme weather is greatly exaggerated or nonexistent
    2-CO2 climate forcing influence is overstated
    3-IPCC climate models no longer support the theory
    4-25% of the increase in CO2 has occurred since Earth’s temperature leveled off

    You are right on the mark saying that the United Nations is behind AGW theory (Agenda 21) and all the hysteria surrounding climate change since 1988.

    The UN wants to manage a $100B/yr fund taken from industrialized nations (Annex I countries) and redistributed to the emerging economies (Annex II) to fight global warming. Annex II countries are not obligated to curb CO2 emissions. Ironically, Annex II includes China (2nd largest economy) that is, by far, the world’s largest polluter and producer of CO2. India (10th largest economy) is the world’s 3rd largest polluter and CO2 producer is also Annex II..

    The Clean Power Plan is the primary U.S. response to UN’s, mostly unsupported, AGW hysteria.

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