When we’ve lost our freedom, it’s GAME OVER

When your freedom is gone, it doesn’t matter who took it or what “ism” they spout. All you see is the gun. Freedom has one foot in the grave in the US and the eventual coup de grâce will amount to a trivial irrelevance. Perhaps it will be the masters of our police state apparatus going full rogue, some sort of outrage by a group the government labels as terrorist, the threat of an epidemic, or something else, but only the stubbornly myopic do not see the totalitarianism on the horizon.

_ Robert Gore at Straight Line Logic

In yesterday’s post, I demonstrated how the federal government and its partner in crime, the Federal Reserve, have systematically destroyed the middle class and how the American  electorate was culpable in the process. My good friend, Norma Brown left this comment:

Economics is the least of it. It is all the erosion of individual liberties in favor of The State that is most frightening and that is what people continue to be indifferent to.

Norma and Robert Gore are right, of course. Sadly, the electorate’s in difference to the government’s role in their economic decline is only superceded by their indifference to the incremental nullification of their rights, once thought to be guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

In my opinion, the turning point, was 1913. That was the year the Federal Reserve came into being by way of backroom maneuvering and it was the year the electorate empowered the federal government to tax our labor and disempower the States from their right to control who their Senators would be. It has been down hill ever since. The federal government no longer bothers with the slow process of getting the voters to approve constitutional amendments. They found they could just assume whatever power they wanted and that the voters would accept it as being inevitable. Now, since President Obama brought the Chicago Way to the Beltway, incrementalism is deemed to no longer be necessary.

Obama’s administration has been absolutely brutal in its lawless abuse of power to trample on the rights of America’s citizens. The alphabet soup agencies at Obama’s disposal have taken on aura of military dictatorships as they unilaterally decide which laws to break, which laws to ignore, and which laws to enforce with SWAT TEAM tactics.

To make matters worse, state and local governments have bought into  the Chicago Way style of governance in a big way.

It’s not GAME OVER yet, my friends but that point is coming fast. Most Americans are either unaware of the erosion of their freedoms or they think all they have to do is vote in the other party. They have not come to grips withe fact that the “other party” is only waiting for their chance to grab the reins of power and they do not want that power just to turn around and give it up.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?




16 thoughts on “When we’ve lost our freedom, it’s GAME OVER

  1. I just wrote a piece on Patriot Update where I noted that, despite voting a straight Republican ticket, I didn’t have any joy in doing so because I don’t believe they will do what needs doing. Some people took offense, feeling I was disloyal by not doing more cheer-leading to get out the vote. But most who read these blogs know it in their hearts. We’re going to be very disappointed in what this new Congress produces.

    1. It’s the nature of governments to accumulate power for power’s sake. When has it ever been different? The American experiment was great while it lasted. But, its long term success depended on there being a large percentage of governed to remain constantly vigilant. That, unfortunately is not a common trait of human nature.

  2. People don’t care, sadly. They will go along with whatever the government proposes. The states now are nothing but convenient administrative units. Why not abolish them and go for the Canadian model of a few provinces.

    People do not care. We have made equality not liberty the new great American value. And equality and liberty are mortal enemies. You can either have one or the other but not both.

  3. We are indeed on the same page today. It was a short and sweet post, a reblog which I rarely do. But when they come for Mom and Pop, we are surely at the end of the line and when there is no outrage, the sinking feeling chills the bone to the marrow.

  4. November 4th, 2014 will be a day that lives in infamy should the democrats hold onto their senate majority. The not so wild card is whether or not enough Obola sycophants have had enough. I for one am not holding my breath.

  5. You nailed it Jim and I think this is one of your best! It makes no difference which party is elected, it is us against them. We keep flipping control to the party which is in the minority and nothing ever changes, why is that? It is the Hegelian Dialectic: Either create or take advantage of a crisis, create the opposition, and use it to implement the predetermined “solution.” Thesis/anti-thesis/synthesis. We are being played for fools…

  6. Possibly but not likely a GOP congress will do little more than act as a placeholder until Hillary takes the oath. Say goodnight Dick.

  7. And if we thought Obola’s race card strategy was effective just wait till her war on women agenda is let loose on America.

  8. This is ridiculous. The federal government is really not that involved in the day to day lives of people. If anything, it is the growth of state governments via federal moneys that is the unnecessary layer of most federal involvement in our lives. This is a primary reason for our discombobulated heath insurance sector, the growth in the police state, and a host of other civil ills. You guys are so caught up in this silly childish goofy paranoid FOX Newsy narrative, you have no grasp on reality.


  9. The reality is that the states send their tax dollars to central planning, central planning then returns some of the money to the states if the state complies with federal mandates. Blackmail is the operative word here. The states must expand its bureaucratic reach in order to comply and politicians being what they are dare not push back. We with the tin foil hats actually believe this I guess the joke is on us.

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