Elections Are Tomorrow _ I Know Who Will Win

The winner never changes. It’s always the One Percent of the One Percenters (OPOP).

Politicians and political parties are, for all practical purposes, irrelevant. They are necessary and facilitated only to give cover to the true power in America and, for that matter, the world. It is the central bankers who run the world for the benefit of the OPOP. For most of their existence, the central bankers remained in the shadows. That changed in 2008, when they boldly stepped forward and declared that they were in charge. The world’s economies (markets) hang on every word the come from the central bankers (US, UK, EU, Japan, China, Russia, etc.). The markets don’t give a whit what the politicians have to say.
While the politicians go about their silly game of redistributing the crumbs that fall from the table of the OPOP, no one seems to notice how the central bankers are busy redistributing the wealth ever upwards.
What happens when the OPOP have all the marbles? I don’t know. Maybe that’s when they turn on each other and then it will truly be Game Over!
Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?



6 thoughts on “Elections Are Tomorrow _ I Know Who Will Win

  1. It’s a tough choice. Vote Democrat or Republican? Both parties favor more power for the state, only the Republicans will do it at a slower pace than the Democrats.

    Vote for a third party like the Libertarians? That means giving the Democratic Church everything it wants.

  2. You are right Jim, it really does not matter who is in charge. Over they years both parties have held the reigns of power and yet nothing changes. Why is that? It is because in the end they are on the same side, they get us fighting between ourselves while they hold on to power. But in the end they are controlled from above so what choice do we really have? None!

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