Joy and Sorrow

13 thoughts on “Joy and Sorrow

    1. This article shows just how far out of touch the progressive movement and the mainstream media is from reality and the will of the American electorate. Progressives and liberal Democrats still see victory in the face of complete and total defeat.

      Progressives need to reevaluate their positions and strategy, starting with finding a fresh face to lead the Democratic Party. Otherwise, the Ds will also lose the presidency in 2016.

  1. The R sweep last night at all levels of government down the line, from the U.S. Congress to state-wide offices, to state legislatures and to local and municipal offices is on par with the stunning 2010 R landslide that took the steam out of Obama’s juggernaut four years ago.

    This is an opportunity to end gridlock at all levels of government. It depends on the Rs and the President finding common ground. It can be done, but will it?

      1. The mid-terms had far, far less to do with Islamic issues as with domestic issues and a general disgust with gridlocked government. It was a knee-jerk reaction of voter dissatisfaction with the status quo. The Rs and Ds need to finally come together and find ways to get things done cooperatively, otherwise the Rs will be tossed out on their noses in 2016.

  2. Ha ha! I didn’t watch one minute of television yesterday, not at night either; it was “what will be, will be” for me, but what a delight to sign on today and find the good tidings! I shed a tear of relief, but the real struggle starts now. Dem Lite is not the ticket. My doctor (staunch Republican) said he was told by a former Republican senator from Fla that Jeb Bush is going to run. I will believe it when I see it.

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