Obama’s Junior Varsity Terrorists Opening New Front In Saudi Arabia?

It is only speculation, at this point, but the dots line up perfectly. Besides, the Saudis shouldn’t be surprised that the monster, ISIS, they have been funding would turn around and bite the hand that was feeding them. ISIS, for its part, has made no secret that one of their ultimate goals is to dethrone the House of Saud. This Zero Hedge article points to the mounting evidence that Saudi militants fighting with ISIS in Iraq and Syria are returning home and bringing the war on Shiites and whomever else doesn’t interpret Islam precisely as they do.

The first dot occurred back in June and was also covered by Zero Hedge:

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said Tuesday it had thwarted a major plot by a militant group with links to extremist elements in Syria and Yemen, arresting 62 suspected members.

From Al Arabiya:

According to a ministry statement, the majority of those arrested were Saudis. A Palestinian, a Yemeni and a Pakistani were also apprehended.

Authorities are also pursuing a further 44 alleged members, the statement said.

The group had been targeting “government and foreign interests” and had planned “wide -scale assassinations.”

Yesterday provided two more dots. Zero Hedge links this Bloomberg report:

Second dot:

A Saudi citizen suspected of organizing the attack on Shiite worshipers in the oil-rich Eastern Province returned from fighting in Iraq and Syria, according to Saudi-owned newspapers.

The citizen organized a cell that carried out the attack that killed seven people in the Shiite village of al-Dalwah after sneaking across the border into the kingdom, al-Hayat and Saudi Gazettenewspapers said, citing security officials they didn’t identify. Asharq Al-Awsat said the Saudi fought in regional conflicts. The Interior Ministry declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

The third dot was an oil pipeline explosion that temporarily spiked oil prices. Official Saudi sources were quick to deny that the explosion was a mishap during some planned maintenance and not a terrorist attack. Perhaps a little too quick with that denial? One has to wonder if ISIS has some more “planned maintenance” projects ready to go.

More from Bloomberg about the attack on the Shiite worshipers:

If such attacks continue, “this is a very interesting tactic by the regime’s opponents,” said Gregory Gause, head of the International Affairs Department at Texas A&M University. “Target the Shiite, force the state to defend the Shiite and try to polarize more Sunni opinion against the state. I do not think it will work, but it is worth following.”

If these attacks were perpetrated by ISIS, they won’t be the last attacks. In that case, don’t plan on those low oil prices (gasoline) holding for very long. Also, America’s Junior Varsity President is going to have his hands full.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Obama’s Junior Varsity Terrorists Opening New Front In Saudi Arabia?

  1. As always follow the money. ISIS may very well become the variable that drives oil prices back up to historic levels. If this proves to be so then we will have ISIS with us for years to come. Not unlike Yassr Arafat they will earn respectability around our sick world,
    a seat at the table and a Nobel Peace Prize or two. And once the western world is decimated by Ebola Obola’s Arab Spring will be complete. As for the inevitable rise in prices at the pump we are still waiting for that show to drop.

  2. It was junior varsity President who caused all this in the first place. At least the current President is not a moron.

    What’s happening over in that part of the world has been a long time coming, it’s going to be ugly for the near future, probably longer. The President of the United States is not the sole proprietor of that part of the world. Nor should he be. Only a junior varsity moron would be so arrogant as to believe otherwise.

    So far, he’s managed our part and interest carefully and I’d say pretty well. But when you’re talking about something this ugly, pretty well only goes so far. I don’t know what more he can or should do here, but I’m glad he’s reluctant to get us in too deep, and I’m sincerely glad he just outright ignores the Rigthies.


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