Google Asking For Federal Grant To Pay Off Federal Loan _ How Deep Are Your Pockets?

Who has deeper pockets than the tech-giant, Google? The American taxpayer; that’s who. In this asylum we all have to live in, the absurd is the norm. But, under the so-called leadership of President Obama and his quest to make your electricity cost skyrocket, the amount of your money he is willing to throw at his crony friends, for their “Green Energy” fiascos, goes way beyond absurd.

From Fox News:

After already receiving a controversial $1.6 billion construction loan from U.S. taxpayers, the wealthy investors of a California solar power plant now want a $539 million federal grant to pay off their federal loan.

“This is an attempt by very large cash generating companies that have billions on their balance sheet to get a federal bailout, i.e. a bailout from us – the taxpayer for their pet project,” said Reason Foundation VP of Research Julian Morris. “It’s actually rather obscene.”

The Ivanpah solar electric generating plant is owned by Google and renewable energy giant NRG, which are responsible for paying off their federal loan. If approved by the U.S. Treasury, the two corporations will not use their own money, but taxpayer cash to pay off 30 percent of the cost of their plant, but taxpayers will receive none of the millions in revenues the plant will generate over the next 30 years.

Is there no end to the B.D. (Bovine Droppings) that flow from the Obama administration? Yes, that is a rhetorical question.

If you read the Fox article or listen to the news video clip, you will not be surprised the world’s largest solar power, which you involuntarily financed, is producing only a fraction of the electricity is was supposed to produce. Of course it’s not the company’s fault. They blame the sun for not shinning enough. Also, you shouldn’t worry about the 20,000+ birds killed by the solar panels. I’m guessing the bird kill falls in the category of “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

So, all of you American taxpayers bend over and grab your ankles. The “progressive unicorn” has a big screw coming out of its head for a reason.

Rainbow Unicorn by FoxDJ



Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “Google Asking For Federal Grant To Pay Off Federal Loan _ How Deep Are Your Pockets?

  1. Meanwhile my son is in a running battle with the IRS which is refusing to recognize a $17,000 gift from me, his father, as a gift (properly documented). Their assertion is it is a short term capital gain. The desperate for tax revenue IRS will seemingly stop at nothing to collect a bogus $2,300 from the little guy while giving away millions and billions to their cronies. Maybe Reverend Wright was right, God damn America.

  2. A related aside…
    After the last bruising budget battle in 2012, taxes got raised and the growth of the U.S. national debt dropped below $1 trillion/year for the first time in 4 years in FY2013. It dropped to about $700B.

    I see, though, that for fiscal year 2014 – just ended on Sept 30, 2014 – the national debt rose by over $1 trillion again. I believe it is because the costs of Obamacare are finally coming to roost on the backs of American taxpayers. This year, payments to states for expanded health care services, began. That, I believe, is why the ND is growing again. If so, this is just the beginning. 😦

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