George Soros: An Uber Liberal Warmonger?

George Soros, the multimillionaire who likes to pretend he is the ultimate “liberal”, is in reality a crony corporatist of the first order. There is only one thing you need to understand about George Soros. If he is agitating for some cause or donating money to some cause, it is because he sees ways to make tonnes of money from the causes. There is not a noble corpuscle in his body.

So, I am wondering how the “Koch brothers are bad, Soros is good” hypocrites, otherwise known as America’s liberals, are going to spin the news that their darling benefactor has taken on the persona of a neo-con warmonger and is working overtime to get the European Union and the West to recognize that they are at war with Russia?

In this October 24 article, George is quoted saying: “Wake Up, Europe” Soros said Russia was threatening Europe’s “very existence”. A day earlier, Zero Hedge ran a piece with the following headline:

George Soros Slams Putin, Warns Of “Existential Threat” From Russia, Demands $20 Billion From IMF In “Russia War Effort”

You can be sure it is not Putin or Russia that has the attention of Mr. Soros; but rather those 20 billion IMF dollars.

Here are some quotes from the above article:

Europe is facing a challenge from Russia to its very existence. Neither the European leaders nor their citizens are fully aware of this challenge or know how best to deal with it. I attribute this mainly to the fact that the European Union in general and the eurozone in particular lost their way after the financial crisis of 2008.

[Europe] fails to recognize that the Russian attack on Ukraine is indirectly an attack on the European Union and its principles of governance. It ought to be evident that it is inappropriate for a country, or association of countries, at war to pursue a policy of fiscal austerity as the European Union continues to do.

All available resources ought to be put to work in the war effort even if that involves running up budget deficits

Note that he asserts that the European Union is “at war”.

“Running up budget deficits”_ that’s something liberals will have no problem supporting.

In a more recent Zero Hedge article, we find George continuing to agitate for war with Russia:

Speaking on Tuesday in Düsseldorf at a dinner sponsored by Handelsblatt, Mr. Soros, an 84-year-old Hungarian-American who survived the Holocaust and then fled the Soviets, said thefuture of the European alliance of nations stretching from Ireland to Estonia could hang in the balance.


“I think the real question is whether the European Union will break up over Russia,” Mr. Soros told 400 people at a dinner held in a Düsseldorf museum by the German financial publishing group.“The E.U. is under threat from Russia… The E.U. is broken, and it is not functioning.”

Clearly, George Soros is joining forces with the US propaganda apparatus to make Russia out to be the aggressor in the Western back coup in Ukraine and the chaos that followed. So, it is timely that Fox News ran this story on what Mikhail Gorbachev had to say on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

The 83-year-old accused the West, particularly the United States, of giving in to “triumphalism” after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the communist bloc a quarter century ago. The result, he said, could partly be seen in the inability of global powers to prevent or resolve conflicts in Yugoslavia, the Middle East and most recently Ukraine.

“The world is on the brink of a new Cold War. Some are even saying that it’s already begun,” Gorbachev said at an event marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, close to the city’s iconic Brandenburg Gate.

Gorbachev called for trust to be restored through dialogue with Moscow, and suggested the West should lift sanctions imposed against senior Russian officials over the country’s support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. Failure to achieve security in Europe would make the continent irrelevant in world affairs, he said.

Gorbachev’s comments echoed those of Roland Dumas, France’s foreign minister at the time the Berlin Wall fell.

“Without freedom between nations, without respect of one nation to another, and without strong and brave disarmament policy, everything could start over again tomorrow,” Dumas said. “Even everything we used to know, and what we called the Cold War.”

Obviously, Gorbachev knows all to well who the aggressor has been since the fall of the Berlin wall. He met with the Western leaders and agreed to remove 400,000 Russian troops from Eastern Europe and he agreed to the reunification of Germany, while the West agreed to keep NATO out of Eastern Europe. It was the West that didn’t live up to their side of the bargain. Now, the West wants NATO in the Ukraine and on Russia’s border. It is the West that is intimidating Russia; not the other way around.

But, George Soros and the like see nothing bu dollar signs. Now, with the GOP controlling both houses of congress, american liberals shouldn’t be surprised Uncle George starts funneling money to neo-con candidates in the next election cycles.

Don’t take it personal, my liberal friends. For George, it’s just business as usual.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?



16 thoughts on “George Soros: An Uber Liberal Warmonger?

  1. I think the Koch brothers are putting George up to this! I blame the Koch brother! There evil money is threatening George’s good money. I say George everything he wants. It’ll make us fee better about ourselves.


    1. It wasn’t the Russians or even the Soviet Union that put Soros in a labor camp — it was Germany. We should try not to get tripped up because his rhetoric would lead you to believe otherwise.

  3. Soros is all about making Soros money, that is what guides his positions on all the issues. At least the Koch brothers create jobs but what does Soros create other than wealth for himself? How is it that the liberals cannot see their own hypocrisy on this? They don’t want to see it because the end justifies the means.

  4. George Soros, the devil walks. Every word from his mouth is a threat to somebody or something, and he speaks of Russia as a problem? He has been trying to run Russia forever in 2000 or maybe even 1999 (when NATO expanded) Soros called for the IMF to cut off funding to Russia (debt-laden then) because nobody could influence their internal politics! True and I read it in the news! Russia answered by paying off every penny of its debt, as Putin said they would, in the shortest time ever. And it had the IMF’s largest debt! Since Soros cannot wage war inside Russia through his piss-ant NGOs, he is trying to do it by making others fight his crazy fight for him. He’ll die soon. THat’s my only consolation.

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