Technology Is The Most Critical Threat To Civilization

The title of today’s post was first formated as a question: Is Technology The Greatest Threat To Civilization? Then I thought to myself: “Why be so cowardly? You believe technology is the greatest threat facing mankind’s construct of civilization; so go ahead and make it an emphatic statement.”

Rather bold, don’t you think, for a don nadia masquerading as a a self-appointed observer to the asylum we all have to live in? But sometimes, when you believe something strongly enough, you must not fail to make your stand.

Although defending my assertion could easily turn into a tome, I will endeavor to keep this brief.

Trends I Observe

  • World population growth, although it has slowed slightly, is still increasing at an alarming rate. So far, this point is more or less mitigated by increased productivity, which is, ironically, due to technological improvements.
  • Globalization, a natural phenomena in my opinion, means the production of goods and service is less concentrated in the developed countries. Instead, the increased world production is spread over billions of people in numerous countries.
  • The world’s economy is still growing, but at a reduced rate. This is true for China, Brazil, and Russia, as well as, the US, Europe, and Japan. Currency wars are on the increase and will only serve to exacerbate the problem.
  • Robots and technology threaten 10 million UK jobs over the next twenty years. The same thing, of course, is happening throughout the developed economies and is, also, beginning to take place in the so-called emerging economies.
  • Wherever one looks, the middle class share of the economic pie is shrinking.

The bottom line is that civilization is facing a situation where the population is growing much faster than jobs are being created. For the US, the workforce participation rate has been declining for about sixteen years.

So, there you have it. This is why I believe technology, when coupled with population growth, is the greatest threat facing the civilized world. I must be wrong, however, because this is not a subject you hear being debated on the evening news or in the halls of government. They are focused on saving the world from man-made global warming, redistributing wealth, geo-political maneuvering, and spying on the citizens, who because they are a threat to the all-powerful state. They are the elites. The believe themselves to be far smarter than  the rest of us. I predict that some day people will wake up and realize that these so-called elites don’t have a clue about what they are doing and never did.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


20 thoughts on “Technology Is The Most Critical Threat To Civilization

  1. I think we focus too much on everyone having “jobs.” Isn’t raising a child or children valuable? Isn’t that work? Isn’t that a job? What about educating yourself? Instead of profiteering from people who want to be educated, wouldn’t it be better if more people were educated, if more people had the skills to come up with new things and new ways of doing things?

    The Protestant Work Ethic was always nothing more than a way to subjugate the working class. “Work” in and of itself does nothing for your soul, yourself, or anyone else. Accomplishing something is what’s important.


  2. Don’t see the problem Jim. Just assign a set number of us serfs to each of the elites to be responsible for our welfare. Slave trade could even have an exchange right on Wall Street. Just pray you get assigned a good master. Whould would have thought it would be high tech that would be the deliverer of the progressive dream?

  3. My lovely wife, Phoebe said back in 1996 when we got our first computer…webTV…that the internet would be the death of our civilization. So here we are where even our grand children have their own computers and cell phones. Pretty much unlimited access to the world wide web, seeing stuff we could never imagine making it into the public consciousness, yet, here we are.

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