Liberals Aren’t Always Against Racial Profiling

Liberal feminist, Judith Levine, demonstrates typical liberal logic as she argues that young black males who commit sexual assault should not be prosecuted. Apparently, in her twisted mind, racial profiling is bad when investigating crime, but is good when adjudicating crime. Downward Trend has the details:

Remember the Sayreville hazing incident? Seven minority students sexually assualted their younger teammates in what can best be described as some locker-room butt play. According to the Star-Ledger, the minority students involved in the sexual assault are all to be tried as juveniles. However, Judith disagrees with this move, because she believes that the darling students should basically be given a slap on the wrist:

If it’s true that all seven of the football players arrested for hazing in the Sayreville, New Jersey, War Memorial High School locker room are students of color, that is one more reason not to prosecute them as sexual felons.

I don’t mean not to prosecute them in adult court. I mean not to prosecute them at all.

If they’re guilty, they should be disciplined by the school, kicked off the Bombers team, and held accountable to their victims by making amends in words and deeds.

In her opinion, for whatever that is worth, it was just an incident of “grab-assing”.

The state has charged the boys, variously, with aggravated sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact, conspiracy to commit aggravated sexual contact, criminal restraint, and hazing, involving what the New York Times called “the sexual penetration of one of the juvenile victims.”

The juvenile victim in question describes it as the pressing of a digit or digits against the shallow dent between his clothed buttocks—unpleasant, but hardly the traumatic experience the law, and the press, assume it to be. The other sexual aggressions appear to amount to grabbing of butts and genitals.

She doesn’t see any reason for the victim to feel traumatized. Liberals are the experts on “feelings”, don’t you know. She, not surprisingly, ended her argument by playing the “equality” card:

. . . [I]n a nation already overflowing with prisoners both juvenile and adult, the vast majority of them black and brown, do we need to lock up more black and brown kids?

I’m guessing it would please Ms. Levine if the “privileged” whites would commit more crime so our prison populations would be more racially balanced.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?






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