Are There No More Paul Harveys To Give Us “The Rest Of The Story” On Ferguson?

For nearly forty years, Paul Harvey provided his huge listening public The rest of the story. Harvey, in his unique style, would report on popular news stories, but would tell a side of the story that was not being covered by the other news outlets. I find myself wishing he were still around to tell us the rest of story about the events taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, because I have a lot of questions:

_ What percentage of the Ferguson population are participating in the riots?

_ Do all black people in Ferguson support what the mobs are doing to their community?

_ Do all black people in Ferguson take the side of Michael Brown?

_ How many outside agitators are helping to stir up violence in Ferguson?

_ Does anyone care what the peaceful residents of Ferguson think?

Okay, I could go on and on. You see where I’m going with this line of questioning. I do not know Ferguson, Missouri, but I suspect, like most anywhere in America, the majority of folks there are peaceful law abiding citizens who are heartbroken over what is happening to their community. Why isn’t their story news worthy?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?



7 thoughts on “Are There No More Paul Harveys To Give Us “The Rest Of The Story” On Ferguson?

  1. CNN reported that, unlike the early rioting weeks ago, most of the arrests this time were of locals, not outsiders.

    An aside:
    A CNN reporter actually read through the many files posted by the DA and said the most revealing thing they discovered was when a grand juror asked about blood evidence at the scene and was told that blood was found 21 feet further away from Michael Brown’s body, proving Brown had turned and was charging the officer at the time of fatal shooting.

    Just after the verdict was stupidly announced in the early evening after dark, there is video showing Brown’s angry father screaming at protesters to burn the town down, and we see what happened.

  2. Of course there really is nobody in the media who cares about reporting the other side of the story for they have an agenda to promote and have been co-opted by the Democrats. It really is a sad state of affairs in the media today.

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