Who Loves The 0.1 Percenters and Tyrants? Those So-Called Progressive Liberals and Central Bankers; That’s Who.

A premise in law enforcement is that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law. In other words, if we break a law we didn’t know existed, we can still be punished for doing so. Unfortunately, in this asylum we all have to live in, there is no law enforcement agency to enforce the laws of economics and to punish those who break those laws.

There are two groups of economic lawbreakers. One is a very tiny group which includes central bankers, the 0.1 percenters, the elites within various NGO think-tanks, and a few political elites along with a few elite strategic thinkers with in governments. This tiny group does understand the laws of economics and they break those laws intentionally, because they and they alone have learned how to avoid the eventual punishment. The second group of economic lawbreakers, which is made up of ideologues mostly on the political “Left”, but also some pretend to be on the political “Right”, is very large and totally unaware that there is any such thing as laws of economics.

What the first group understands and the large second group does not is that the laws of economics can not be broken indefinitely, because the laws of economics has its own built-in mechanism for taking correction action, whereby, eventually, the punishment will be ruthlessly applied to the innocents along with the guilty (the few exceptions were noted above).

The innocents are also made up of two groups: those that intuitively know the ideologues are wrong; but probably couldn’t explain why, and those that are gullible enough believe they are going to benefit indefinitely from what the ideologues are offering.

Let’s talk about the ideologues. They dominate the governments nearly every country on the planet, as well as, artificial entities like the United Nations. What do the ideologues want? In the name of “social justice”, they want to redistribute wealth from rich people to poor people or, in the case of the UN, from rich countries (or countries that are perceived to be rich) to poor countries. In their twisted logic, it is unfair that some people and some countries are more prosperous than other people or other countries. Yet, in their minds, it is “fair” to force the more prosperous to give some of the fruits of their prosperity to the others.

No matter how many times they ideologues have seen their “social justice” policies fail they continue to believe by putting a different shade of lipstick on their pig that the pig will somehow become a princess.

What the ideologues have failed to learn in the last 100+ years is all the so-called “social justices” programs must be paid for from the wealth generated by the capitalist wealth generating entities. There is no other source of wealth. Therefore, those who want to benefit from the capitalist wealth generators must take care not to do unrepairable harm to those entities. And, here is a very important point I wish they could understand. It makes no difference whether those capitalist wealth generators are owned by the private sector or owned by the state. The wealth generators must be well cared for or they will not be able to generate sufficient wealth. That is true of a small family with a few capitalist wealth generating milk cows or a small nation dependent on its state owned capitalist wealth generating oil industry or nation like the United States with its myriad of privately owned capitalist wealth generating entities. When the capitalist wealth generators are not growing fast enough because of the growing demands of the “social justice” programs placed on them, there will be a terrible retribution to be paid. That is when nations fail. That is when empire fall. That is when the 99.9 percent are punished without mercy by the laws of economics.

{Please read this article to see what idiotic “social justice” Argentina is demanding with the support of the UN. They apparently believe that those who invested in Argentina’s bonds should be punished for being so stupid as to loan money to Argentina in the first place.}

The sad irony is that the ideologues, who profess to be the warriors for the poor and the working class, have only managed to help the 0.1 percenters and the tyrants of the world with “social justice” policies. The poor may appear to be benefiting for the time being. But, they will pay the most when the retribution comes… again.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Who Loves The 0.1 Percenters and Tyrants? Those So-Called Progressive Liberals and Central Bankers; That’s Who.

  1. I’m afraid most of the people on this earth are being manipulated by those with the power and the money, so they can get more power and more money. They control the stock market and the war-making machines. If we are “progesssing” it must be straight to hell.

  2. The sad irony is that so many people believe the left actually cares about the Middle Class when they do not, all of our politicians are bought and paid for and until people realize this nothing is going to change. I don’t think anything will change until it is too late and the system crashes and then the change is not going to be for the better.

  3. I am really starting to believe that something has gone radically wrong with the human DNA. Survival, and the wish for our progeny to do better than ourselves appears to have been snuffed out. How else to explain much of the world willingly to walk the plank? Leaving their children an impossible world? Put me down as the tin foil came out of the closet. 🙂

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