How Much More Proof Do You Need That The American Political System Is A Sham?

If the actions of John Boehner and his establish pukes, after the American electorate spoke out loud and clear, doesn’t prove to conservatives/libertarians that what is wrong with America can not be fixed via the ballot box, then this humble observer at Asylum Watch doesn’t know what it will take.

The idea of America that we conservative/libertarians have harbored all our lives is an illusion. Maybe it always was. America’s march toward becoming a totally statist nation goes back, at least, to 1913, if not much earlier. I don’t know when the statists won the fight for America; but they did. For their own reasons, they didn’t claim their victory. They preferred to keep up the illusion that our votes mattered to them. They preferred to maintain the illusion that there was a real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, when in fact they are merely slightly different shades of grey. Since 2008, both parties have shown they no longer the necessity of that particular illusion.

In the same sense that our ancestors had to accept the earth was not the center of the universe, we conservative/libertarians need to accept what is. Our long-held vision of what America should be or could be is not going to happen; not through the ballot box nor through a bloody revolution.

Some (many?) will say that the old  man at Asylum Watch is suggesting we throw in the towel.  Not true! What I’m saying is that the towel was stolen from us some time ago. There is no towel to throw in. I am saying there is something else much more constructive that we can be doing for ourselves and for those, for whom we care the most. I am suggesting that we; especially we “bloggers”, need to spend less of our time and energy complaining about the statists and the government(s) they have created and, instead, spend more of our time and energy discussing how we, as individuals and as a group, can find ways to carve out the best possible lives and futures for ourselves and loved ones, in spite of the statists. We will still need keep an eye on the statists and spend some of our time sounding the alarms about how their doings might impact us.

This old man certainly doesn’t have all the answers. Far from it. But, one thing I know for sure, it is possible live under much worse governments than what America has and still find ways to carve out a decent life. I am hopeful that together, we can explore many ways to minimize the impact the statists have on our daily lives and on the futures of our children.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?








11 thoughts on “How Much More Proof Do You Need That The American Political System Is A Sham?

  1. I am about to throw in the towel if this Omnibus crapola goes through. Present retirees are set to lose most of their pensions including me. I would be better off where you live and no doubt will be. Current retirees. That is me. Let them all rot in hell, and I will see them there. There is a total black out on the budget. Nothing on Fox, Drudge a couple of old headlines. Breibart a bit. Finis.

  2. The budget that will likely be passed today only funds Homeland Security through February in order to facilitate a debate over Obama’s Immigration actions.

    Sure, it contains pork. There hasn’t been a budget in my lifetime that hasn’t. My sadness is that we won’t have Tom Coburn to publicly shame Congress over it anymore.

    The alternative was to shut government down… AGAIN. Most Americans are understandably tired of that and it is one of the main reasons for the Republican 2014 landslide. Tea Partiers are to be commended for not making a big stink over it this time. That puts Republicans on the high ground going into start the next session.
    I presume your 1913 reference is to the creation of The Fed. Why people oppose The Fed defies logical sense. It has done more for normalizing currency value and stabilizing the U.S. economy than anything else in history. Look at the uncertain fiscal nightmare the U.S. living in before 1913.

    The Fed has three purposes:
    1-Facilitate international monetary exchanges between governments
    2-Price stability
    3-Maximum employment

    That can’t be all bad, especially now that The Fed’s books are open to public scrutiny. We’ve come a long, long way since Greenspan and his gibberish sermons from the mount.

  3. Excellent rant Jim. I feel like you and I have had the same journey. We realize the entire political system is completely broken and the masses that trudge to the polls are simply deluded.

    In Moonbat Valley two years ago, the County Commissioners gave themselves a 30k a year raise from 40k to 70k plus benefits for a job that is p/t and below 20 hrs per week. There was the usual voter outrage but the commissioners thumbed their noses at the voters and went ahead and gave themselves the raise.

    This fall, one of them was up for re-election and had a quality opponent. The voters re-elected the incumbent. I have seen this same stupidity occur in our state and with Congressmen and Obama at the Federal level.

    The majority of people are fucking stupid and uninformed- and they are the ones doing the voting. The system is irretrievably broken. And it is these very same people you must overcome- the people who currently believe in R and D politics and adamantly defend it (See Ace of Spades joint)(Huffington Post) read their stuff to get the scope of just how bad this is.

    I think you will like this weekends rant. Hope to have it up on Sat.

  4. Great post Jim! I wish I had the answer to give you but I do not. We have lost the battle and I think 1913, with the passage of the 17th amendment, was a major turning point because it took away state representation and turned America into a democracy.


  5. Hmm, I like reading articles and posts on this site because of the content. I heartily agree with the article – but my own investigation has convinced me this has been going on for some time – behind the scenes.

    The America we knew from 50’s forward has been dramatically changed by both political parties – with only slight hiccups along the way. I totally get now, what I didn’t back then, why the GOP leadership was at such odds with Reagan and why Newt abrogated his ‘contract with America’.

    All of them need to go. Think Whigs/GOP replacement in the 1850’s – but for both parties.

    Since they control the MSM, the balloting arrangements, the electoral college, and the Fed, I don’t see how such change will come via traditional methods. Either revolution is in the air OR we slide inevitably towards socialism/communism/statism – whatever you call it.

    True American freedom no longer exists.

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