“Two Americas” by Odie Woodsterman

This is a reblog of a post the great Conservative Hideout 2.0. It is the best description of the differences between America’s Liberals and America’s Conservative/Libertarians I’ve yet to come across. Enjoy!


Two Americas


5 thoughts on ““Two Americas” by Odie Woodsterman

  1. There are two Americans – people with low IQs, like this guy, and people with high IQs, who couldn’t imagine being stupid enough to say the sorts of simple-minded things this guy says.


      1. Don (love the moniker, by the way), ALL of it: that entire pile of conservative, Social Darwinist, Calvinist, Anti-Scientific, moral rationalization for selfishness and unpleasantness. ALL of it.


  2. The piece was excellent and illustrates what Obama and his minions have done.

    Hey Jersey, you being a genius and all, if you don’t have something nice to say how about you do all of us a favor and stfu? Or better yet, why don’t you start your own blog?

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