On Normalizing Relations

Barack Obama, America’s would be dictator, once said his job would be easier if America had a government more like that of China. Considering how much time he spends on vacation or playing golf or watching ESPN or signing Executive Orders or Presidential Memorandums, I don’t see how his job could get much easier or more like that of a dictator.

His latest unilateral action was to normalize relations with the Castro regime of Cuba. The rhetoric has been flying from those on both sides of the issue. This humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in could easily throw his two cents worth of rhetoric into the fray; but instead, let’s stick to a brief discussion of Obama’s love of himself and his love of power.

Obama’s narcissism  became evident shortly after he took office in 2009., when he let be know how good he was going to be as President because He knew more about political strategy than his political strategist and He knew more about policy than his policy advisers. He showed from the beginning that he had no interest in sharing power with anyone else (with the exceptions of Valerie Jarrett and Micheal). He was not prone to even make the appearance of consulting with members of either house of Congress; not even members of his own party. He has consistently ignored the separation of powers outlined in the Constitution, ignored the dictates of the courts, and flagrantly ignore the will of the people. He, after all, has a pen and a phone, which, in his mind, is all he needs to continue the transformation of America that he believes is necessary whether the American people are smart enough to know it or not. Arrogance is the touchstone of all tyrants.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that President Obama consulted no one in Congress before announcing the normalization of relations with the ruthless and despotic Castro brothers. There is, however, an irony  in this latest action that seems lost on him and on most Americans and also on the main stream media. It was touched on in this Canada Free Press article: although he is willing to normalize relations with the government of Cuba, he is unwilling to normalize relations with Congress, the Constitution, with the Laws of the Land, with the federal courts, nor with the American people.


Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?






8 thoughts on “On Normalizing Relations

  1. That’s when you begin to understand that Obama really hates America. We saw it during the apology tour and we see it again with Cuba. He sees all of this as the great injustices which it might be. Unfortunately we have a process for making things right- he just doesn’t want to have to deal with that.

    Obama is the worst kind of man, An educated idiot that has no problem imposing his opinions on the rest of us- just as long as can get away with it.

  2. He’s doing the right thing. It’s about time. At the rate he’s going, these next two years could make him one of the best presidents this country has had. It’s a shame so many people hate him, and for such nonsensical reasons.


  3. I observed first hand during a ten day trip to The workers paradise in December,of 1999. The goat meat was a bit gameh and once you get used to whispering to even family members since the neighborhood spy may be within earshot, it’s not so bad. If you like bad teeth, bad skin, government provided and rationed; if you like your drinking water delivered in a tanker trunk once a month and being surrounded by misery incarnate you would do well to emigrate.. Merry f__-ing Christmas Barry.

  4. to test for sincerity, ask this question: if we are abandoning sanctions against Cuba after fifty years because they don’t work — what’s up with the Russian sanctions? Are they going to work on a country 11 time zones across when they didn’t work on a little island with almost no resources?

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