Greasing The Wheels Of The Military Industrial Complex

One of the reasons the Islamic State had so much success last years was because 40 M-1 Abrams that Iraq bought with the military aid money provided by US taxpayers magically ended up in the hands of the Islamic State forces. So,now your money is going to be used to “sell” 140 more M-1 tamks to Iraq. It seems to this humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in that it would have made more sense to give the tanks to the Kurds, who would be more likely to use them against the Islamic State forces.

At about $5 million a pop, I’m sure the good folks a General Dynamic are more than happy to keep supplying the Islamic State Iraq with tanks. After all, they’ve invested a lot of money in our Congresscritters:


Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?



8 thoughts on “Greasing The Wheels Of The Military Industrial Complex

  1. I agree with your premise. On the other hand, if we would have maintained the presence in Iraq we first intended, ISIS would not have those tanks, today. Coulda’, woulda’, shoulda’

    1. Agreed, but staying would only have staved off the inevitable at the cost of more American lives and treasure. Americans can’t keep fighting other people’s wars and expect a good outcome. In any war, there has to be winners and losers among the principles.

      The United States won the war in Iraq (twice since 1990) in just a few days. We lost the peace because the Iraqis themselves didn’t want it enough to make it last. For that, there is no cure.

      1. Good point, Az. However, I have never viewed the war in Iraq as fighting their war. Maybe the politicos did, but I have always viewed a presence in Iraq as desirable and pretty much necessary to oppose Iran’s ambitions of a regional hegemony. It’s not that we want the hegemony, but I certainly believe we blew our only chance to have a meaningful and influential presence in the middle east. That’s were most of the trouble starts, and if we want to influence those people, we need a presence. How to do this an not occupy a country it the problem. No matter what we do the rat heads will see us as the Great Satan. It is what it is.

    1. Jersey: I think I understand what you mean by bumbling in to Iraq, but that can only be said with hind sight. The entire Congress of the US OK’d the venture along with most of western civilization. There was reason to be there, not the least of which was the stated goal of eliminating a country for Islamic terrorists to occupy, train, and use as a base to carry their brand of intense love and beheading to the rest of the world.

      Things didn’t turn out like they were intended, but what does?

  2. Hate to point out the obvious but here goes… when congress and senate are ruled by lobbyists representing corporate America not Americans, then this what u get. I always say follow the money. In 20 years all three have accomplished major goals. 1. Fleece Americans. Dont count on SS or Medicare hehehe. 2. Make Americans believe the whole world is ur enemy and the worst 3. Create a class of soo undereducated and reliant that they are like sheep believing what they are told.

    Thank Heavens for alternate media that they do not yet control

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